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We are a team of committed professionals who are focused on our customers' success. Whether you're ordering parts, scheduling service, talking to accounting about your bill, getting advice from our applications engineers, or thinking about buying a CNC machine, you will be interacting with people who speak your language...we understand that your business is your livelihood...we realize your time is valuable.​

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Installed 2018, (2017 build) Coolant Through Spindle

  • Air blast
  • LCD jog
  • Renishaw NC4 tool probe and OMP60 part probe
  • Ultipocket with helical ramp
  • Ultimonitor
  • Conversational NC Merge
  • Tool and Material Library
  • Low spindle hours
  • Watch video
  • Price: £149,950 plus delivery, July Offer £139,950


July 2020

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The Hurco Story

In 1968, Gerald Roch and Edward Humston formed a company they called Hurco ("Hu" for Humston, "R" for Roch, and "CO" for Company ). Roch was the idea guy and Humston was the business guy...actually, Mr. Humston was Mr. Roch's boss as the owner of E.L. Humston Company where Mr. Roch was a sales representative for eight years.      
Mr. Roch grew up around his grandfather's tool and die shop where he discovered his passion for building things. After he graduated from Purdue University with an industrial engineering degree, he returned to his grandfather's shop (which was now owned by Mr. Roch's father and two other partners). Mr. Roch's fascination with simplifying processes, combined with the emergence of computers, would lead Mr. Roch to start Hurco.      
To a younger generation, Mr. Roch's foresight to realize that computer technology could be used to make manufacturing more efficient might not seem particularly revolutionary. For historical perspective, the computers of the 1960s were expensive; owned exclusively by institutions, such as government agencies, universities, and large corporations; and they were huge--one computer consumed an entire floor of a commercial building.      
Even though creating a computer to machine parts seemed far-fetched, Humston believed in Gerry Roch's vision and the two men set out to make computers work for the working man.




People often talk about innovation, but rarely talk about the innovators. Mr. Roch is the epitome of a true innovator. He is curious. Asks questions and he never accepts the status quo. He has acquired more than 60 patents, due in large part to his fascination with efficiency combined with his background at the family tool and die shop, his collaborative personality, and his drive to solve problems. His patents for interactive control technology, which we refer to as conversational programming, are considered the most significant. Machine tool builders throughout the world had to obtain a license from Hurco to implement this technology into their products because Mr. Roch, Hurco co-founder, invented it.      
Despite all of his inventions and success, Mr. Roch remains extremely humble, saying, "I've never really been an expert in any one area. I know relatively little about software and electronics, but I've been fortunate enough that I conceptually understand how things should work. Then, it's a matter of hiring capable engineers to make it happen."      
The connection between technology and people is the core of our culture at Hurco. At the end of the day, machine tools aren't about iron, and technology isn't about software codes. They are about people...people like Gerald Roch and people like you, who work each day to identify ways to continually improve their processes, their business, and the parts they manufacture.      
True to our co-founder, Gerald Roch, we strive each day to develop technology and build machine tools that simplify work to make you and your business more successful.      


​The History of Hurco​

  • 1968 (October): Edward Humston and Gerald Roch decide to start Hurco (Humston Roch Companies)
  • 1969 (February): Company incorporates.
  • 1969 Private Stock Offering: 21 people purchase $169K of stock. These 21 people would be instrumental in the future of Hurco, including E. Keith Moore, Gene Henderson, Dick Niner.
  • 1969 (May): Hurco Exhibits AutoBend at Manufacturing Show at the Indianapolis Coliseum. Each unit sold for $10,500
  • 1971: Hurco goes public (Nasdaq HURC)
  • 1973: Mr. Roch invents Compu-Cut (a 2-axis shearing machine)
  • 1974: Hurco exhibits prototype of integrated Hurco control for a milling machine at IMTS (the first CNC Mill)
  • 1979: Hurco Europe established
  • 1980: Overseas sales account for 33% of Hurco’s business
  • 1984: UltiMax control (twin screen) introduced
  • 1986: BMC 3-axis CNC machining center introduced
  • 1988: Hurco Germany established
  • 1990: MAX singlescreen CNC control introduced
  • 1991: HurcoFrance and Hurco Southeast Asia (HSEA)established
  • 1997: VMX Series of CNC 3-axis mills introduced
  • 1999: Hurco Italy established and Hurco Manufacturing Ltd (HML) established
  • 2000: WinMax Desktop introduced
  • 2003: VM Series of general purpose CNC mills + VTXU five-axis CNC machining center introduced
  • 2004: TM Series of slant-bed lathesintroduced
  • 2005: Record sales. Record income.
  • 2006: WinMax control software, TMM CNC lathe with live turning (mill turn), and SR five-axis machining center introduced. Record sales, record income.
  • 2008: VM Series updated. TMX Performance Lathes2-Meter DCX Double Column, and VTXZ Zone Machine introduced. Record sales, record income.
  • 2008: Hurco India established
  • 2010: TMXMYS Series of performance mill turn machines introduced. UltiMotion introduced for 3-axis CNC machining centers (patent for invention granted). Hurco China established.
  • 2012: Hurco launches rebranding initiative with "i" Series. VMX42SRTi 5-Axis CNC machine with embedded rotary table, and HSi Series of High Speed Machining Centers introduced. UltiMotion for 5-Axis CNC machining centers introduced.
  • 2013: Hurco acquires LCM. VMX6030i machining center introduced. U.S.A. Manufacturing Assembly operation established.
  • 2014: HBMXi Series of boring mills introduced. DCXi Series expanded. SRTi 5-Axis Series expanded. Hurco files patent for CNC-Based 3D Printing technology.
  • 2015: Hurco announces acquisition of two machine tool companies: Milltronics and Takumi. MAX5 control console introduced. AdaptiPath and Job List features added to WinMax suite of features. CNC Honing capability added to Hurco CNC machines.
  • 2016: BXi Series of Bridge CNC Machining Centers introduced. 3D Print Head Adapter introduced. Record sales.
  • 2017: HM/HMRi Horizontal CNC Machines​ introduced. The Power of FIVE: The D​efinitive Guide to 5-Axis Machining book​ for machinists is published. Record sales.
  • 2018: Hurco celebrates 50th Anniversary. Stock Exchange Closing Bell Ceremony. Record sales.


Gerald Rock and Ed Humston USA Flag

Hurco founded
by Edward Humston and Gerald Roch Read more




First product inroduced (Autobend)

Hurco exhibits first computer controlled back gauge



Hurco becomes publicly held company

Nasdaq: HURCO1971


Hurco demonstrates first computer numerically controlled (CNC) mill at IMTS



Hurco invents Conversational Programming

Read more1976



First CNC mill Introduced (KM1)




Hurco Europe established



UltiMax Control

UltiMax control introduced




BMC machining centers introduced



UltiMax 2

UltiMax 2 control introduced




Hurco Germany established



Hurco France established


Hurco Southeast Asia established


Hurco opens international headquarters

Hurco Indianapolis Headquarters

UltiMax 3 control introduced



DXF transfer invented

Read more1992


IMS Technologies established to oversee patent licensing



MAX Single Screen

MAX single screen control introduced



VMX machining centers introduced Read more



UltiMax 4

UltiMax 4 control introduced



Hurco Italy established


Hurco Manufacturing Ltd established

Taiwan 1999


WinMax Software

WinMax Desktop software released



VM machining centers introduced

VM Series

First Hurco 5-axis machine introduced

VTXU 2003


TM turning centers introduced

TM Series 2004


Record sales



WinMax control software released

TMM turning centers with live tooling introduced

Hurco Lathe

SR 5-axis machining centers introduced

Record sales



Hurco India established


TMX turning centers introduced

U-Series 5-axis machining centers expanded

DXC double column machining centers introduced

Double Column Vertical Machining Center Introduced 2008


TM and TMX Series expanded to include heavy duty turning and multi-axis

Heavy Duty Lathe

Hurco invents UltiMotion Read more

Hurco China established

China 2010


Global rebranding initiative launched

New "i" series machine design introduced

HSi high speed machining centers introduced

SRTi 5-axis machining centers introduced

5-Axis SRTi 2012


Hurco acquires LCM

Proudly Made in the USA

USA machine assembly operation established

Read more2013


Boring Mill

HBMXi boring mills introduced Read more



Hurco Introduced the new MAX5 CNC Control powered by WinMax

MAX5 control introduced Read more

Hurco acquires Milltronics and Takumi Read more



Record sales

BXi machining centers introduced

BX40i Machining Center

3D print head introduced

Hurco Introduced a 3D Printer at IMTS 2016 2016


New HM Horizontal CNC Machines

HM horizontal machining centers introduced

Record sales



50 Years of Innovation

50th Anniversary