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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Multi-Axis Mill-Turn CNC Machining Made Easy

The TMXMY/S mill turn CNC lathes are true slant-bed lathes with all-digital drives and motors and absolute encoders on all linear axes. The addition of the Y-axis allows you to machine a pocket with straight walls and flat bottoms or perform off-center machining operations with just a click of a box.​​


CNC Lathes - Overview​

The most significant advantage of the multi-axis TMXMY/TMXMYS dual spindle CNC lathes is the simplified programming and operation via the CNC control. By simply checking a box, the control activates linear Y-axis motion. The sub-spindle functions are similarly straightforward. Learn more about mill-turn control features. Beyond the control technology, the TMXMY and TMXMYS CNC turning centers have multiple design features that prove valuable for mill-turn applications.     
  • Design + Construction: It starts with a certified Meehanite® casting, which provides superb dampening characteristics that inhibit thermal deformation and twisting. This robust machine tool features oversized guide rails that are strategically spaced to provide excellent support to the cross slide. A wide saddle increases rigidity even further. Ultimately, all of these design features mean the TMXMY/MYS sub-spindle CNC lathes can withstand heavier loads and more momentum.
  • Servo Turret: Fast Duplomatic servo turret with 12- driven tool stations is designed to provide faster and more accurate tool indexes. You can use any combination of ID and OD tool holders.
  • Heat Isolation System: Because heat is the enemy of machine tools, we’ve designed our TMXMY/MYS twin spindle lathes to promote thermal stability by isolating heat-producing components and adding a spindle chiller.
  • Machining Capacity: The generous turning diameter and turning length allow a wide range of part sizes and applications.


Benefit from Our 50+ Years of Experience

For over five decades Hurco has continually focused on the development of technology that yields measurable productivity improvements for our customers. Our years of experience provide us the knowledge to build rigid and reliable sub-spindle CNC lathes with the most powerfully simplistic, user-friendly CNC control​ technology in the industry. Our experience has also allowed us to implement a unique business model within the machine tool industry that expands our global supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. This proven system benefits our customers because we are able to ship our live tool lathes with shorter lead times than most competitors. Additionally, we are able to continue product development schedules and targeted technology growth even during difficult economic cycles because our efficiency promotes financial stability.​    

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