3-Axis Vertical CNC Milling Machine | VMX & VMDX Series

​A Series Built for ​Performance

Where Expert Design and Advanced Technology Meet.​ Our signature line of VMX machining centers takes CNC machining to the next level. These machines deliver high-precision capabilities to any machining application. Whether you are doing batch production, one-off’s, or die/mold work, the VMXi CNC mills will make you more productive and your machine shop more profitable.​​​​

CNC Machines Hruco VMX Series 3-Axis

Vertical 3-Axis Mills: Available VMX & VMXD Series Models

VMXD Series (Direct-Drive Spindle)

The VMXi Series has CNC machines with travels that range from 24 x 20 to 84 x 34. The majority of the VMXi Series CNC mills have 12K Big Plus 40-taper spindles, but we also offer Big Plus CAT 50 spindle options for VMX machines X-axis travel of 50 and larger. For increased performance, Hurco added the VMXDi models of CNC machines that feature a direct-drive spindle. The VMXDi models include the VMX24Di (24 x 20), the VMX30Di, (30 x 20), the VMX42D​i (42 x 24).

The key benefits of these CNC machining centers that all feature an inline direct-drive spindle with 15,000 rpm include:​

  • Faster chip to chip time due to faster acceleration and deceleration
  • Less heat that results in enhanced repeatability
  • Improved surface finish due to the inline direct-drive configuration of the spindle

VMX vs VMXD Series  

Direct Drive Spindle vs Belt Spindle

VMXD Advantages

  • VMXD Advantages
  • Higher spindle speed
  • Better surface finish
  • Better spindle acceleration and deceleration
  • Faster chip-to-chip tool changes
  • Generates less heat
  • Optimizes benefits of modern tooling

VMX Advantages

  • Better for applications below 1,500 RPM
  • Better for heavy cuts in steel with large diameter tooling, drills, and taps
  • Easier to service
  • Less expensive to repair

How It’s Made: Hurco VMX Series Iron

Hurco is known worldwide for our control software, and for conversational or “shop floor” programming, but we don’t often get enough credit for the machine’s iron. In addition to our award-winning control software, Hurco also builds a very robust and rigid machine tool, that provides outstanding performance in any shop. Click here to learn more.

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​The CNC Machine Defined as the Industry Workhorse