Horizontal Machining Center Hurco HM1700Ri

​​​​​​​​​​​Horizontal Mills designed for maximum efficiency.

These economical, 3-axis and 4-axis  large travel horizontal CNC milling machines have an 8,000 rpm motorized spindle that is equipped for both high and low-end torque operations. The large, front and side access doors provide maximum operator efficiency. With fast rapids, large work cube, smart frame design, and UltiMotion technology, complex production parts can be CNC machined efficiently and accurately. Hurcos' horizontal milling machines increase shop productivity with a rotary torque table, such as the table added to the smart design of the HM1700i CNC machining center.​

Horizontal CNC Mills Designed for High-Mix Production

  • Heavily Ribbed Fine-Grade Cast Iron Frame Optimized with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • 800 mm torque table
  • Linear roller guideways on XYZ axes
  • Full B-Axis (360 degrees / 360,000 position)
  • 8K rpm dual-wound spindle / 298 ft lbs of torque
  • 10K spindle option available
  • Practical design with large front and size doors for easy access
  • Patented UltiMotion motion system included​
  • Direct drive B-axis table (torque table)​

Benefit from Our 50+ Years of Experience

For over five decades Hurco​ has continually focused on the development of technology that yields measurable productivity improvements for our customers. Our years of experience as a horizontal machining center manufacturer provides us the knowledge to build rigid and reliable machining centers with the most powerfully simplistic, user-friendly control technology​ in the industry. Our experience has also allowed us to implement a unique business model within the machine tool industry that expands our global supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. This proven system benefits our customers because we are able to ship our machine tools with shorter lead times than most competitors. Additionally, we are able to continue product development schedules and targeted technology growth even during difficult economic cycles because our efficiency promotes financial stability.  

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Premium Components Increase Performance

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to evaluate structural rigidity, torsional stiffness, thermal characteristics, and natural frequency to achieve the best frame design. Critical with today’s high velocities and accelerations - machine performance must be carefully optimized in order to maintain part quality.  

Yaskawa Sigma V Digital Drives:      
Hurco uses state-of-the-art premium servos and drives from Yaskawa, the world’s largest manufacturer of motors and drives. They provide enhanced vibration suppression and feature higher speed acceleration and deceleration. 
  • 625 millisecond velocity loop frequency response time (1.6 kHz)
  • Encoders: 1,048,576 counts per revolution
30 Station ATC: The 30 station ATC is side-mounted with a 3.7 second tool-to-tool ATC time. Hurco uses an electric tool changer with 4.7” max tool diameter and a 44 lb. max tool weight. The tool changer is random access.

Productivity Options

See what productivity options are available for better machining.                                ​​Learn more about our productivity options ​