5-Axis CNC Hurco VC Series Cantilever Machining Centers

​​​​​ 5-Axis CNC mill with cantilever design supports a wide range of parts.

The B-axis provides superb undercutting ability with a full 110° in both positive and negative directions. Solid one-piece cast iron frame optimized with both static and dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA). 

The 5-Axis VC Series B-axis trunnion style configuration will allow for shorter tools to be utilized when cutting smaller parts. When cutting smaller parts on a traditional A-axis trunnion, the tools approach the part from behind the A-axis trunnion. This means when running smaller 5-Axis parts on larger machines, the operator is forced to use longer tools for clearance. Since a B-axis trunnion tilts around the Y-axis, the tool is always approaching the part from a safe direction and the possibility for interference is much less.

VC/VCX Series 5-Axis CNC Machines


5-Axis CNC Machining - Cantilever​

  • ​​Equipped with CTS and Linear Scales
  • High-resolution encoders for increased precision.
  • Larger heavy-duty roller ways on all three axes
  • Heavily Ribbed Fine-Grade Cast Iron Frame Optimized with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • 12,000 RPM In-line Spindle
  • Yaskawa Sigma V Digital AC Servos
  • 2.5 Second Tool-to-Tool ATC Time
  • Double-Nut Ballscrews
  • Yaskawa Sigma V Digital AC Servos
  • 2.7GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 4 GB RAM Memory
  • 128 GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • 12 Months Parts and Labor Warranty // 6 Months Labor Warranty


Benefit from Our 50+ Years of Experience

Since 1968, Hurco has continually focused on the development of technology that yields measurable productivity improvements for our customers. Our years of experience provide us the knowledge to build rigid and reliable 5-axis machining centers with the most powerfully simplistic, user-friendly CNC control ​technology in the industry. Our experience has also allowed us to implement a unique business model within the machine tool industry that expands our global supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. This proven system benefits our 5th axis customers because we are able to ship our machine tools with shorter lead times than most competitors. Additionally, we are able to continue product development schedules and targeted technology growth even during difficult economic cycles because our efficiency promotes financial stability.      

All Hurco 5-axis milling machines are equipped with Ultimotion​ technology (invented by Hurco), which simultaneously reduces cycle time (by up to 30% or more) and improves surface finish quality.​    
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