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Patented UltiMotion Technology

Simultaneously reduce cycle time up to 30% (or more) and increase surface finish quality with UltiMotion.​ 

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UltiMotion Video: Get the Inside Scoop from Our Engineers

UltiMotion is a motion control system that Hurco engineers developed during a 6-year time period. Wondering if this technology would be worthwhile for your shop? Confused about the measurable benefits? Is it complicated to use? Get the straight scoop from our engineers. 


  • What UltiMotion is
  • How it works
  • Whether it will work for your parts
  • How it's different than an optimized CAM post

Improve your cycle times while maintaining optimal surface finish. To see how... 

Watch the technology video presentation

We put UltiMotion to the test. Same optimized NC Program. Same machine. Same setup...

Watch the video below to see how we achived 29% in cycle time reduction.


What would a 30% reduction in cycle time mean to your shop?

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Surface Finish

The engineering team at Hurco refers to UltiMotion as soft motion because the software controls the motion control system versus a conventional motion control that relies on hardware. The software is more efficient in how it processes the motion so there is less chatter, less vibration, less machine jerk, which results in better surface finish.

To learn more download the UltiMotion technical paper »

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Cycle Time

The secret to UltiMotion is the advanced algorithm software that takes the load off the motion control board (hardware-based motion control). The software-based motion control system of UltiMotion has rapid cornering capabilities, which means it doesn’t stop between two rapids. Instead, it travels through blended corners at high speed with negligible deviation. With UltiMotion, the software evaluates each section of the motion profile and shifts the look-ahead to the maximum number of blocks to optimize maneuvers.

To learn more download the UltiMotion technical paper »

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Because UltiMotion uses advanced software algorithm for motion control, it is able to move faster in every way. For example, with drilling and tapping, instead of the jolting down/up/stop motion of conventional motion controls system’s that use hardware, UltiMotion keeps the motion smooth and is able to use a spherical motion to move to the next set of holes.

To learn more download the UltiMotion technical paper »

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Extend Machine Life

While we have not conducted a longitudinal study, common sense dictates that smoother motion of the machining process puts less stress on the ball screw and other internal components. Machining with less chatter, less vibration, and less machine jerk, retains accuracy and may extend the life of the machine.

To learn more download the UltiMotion technical paper »

WinMax® Software | Conversational + NC Programming

Just like you, Hurco engineers are focused on continual improvement—they are driven to develop control technology that will make your business more profitable.
All of our new i-series machines have WinMax with lots of new features and UltiMotion.​  

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Our CNC Machine ​Tools exclusively equipped with Ultimotion®

With over 65 cnc machines to meet your needs—whether it’s milling, turning, 5-axis or large parts,
Hurco has a CNC machine  with all the exclusive Hurco technology that will get you from print to part faster.


Some machine tool companies want you to think there's really little difference between cnc machine tool brands. Hurco can't disagree more. The important thing is to understand the real differences and select the equipment that is best for your operation. Hurco’s differences are very pronounced, though not all are obvious at first glance. The Hurco control allows shops to choose the most efficient way to program parts for each job. It is flexible and powerful primarily because of its simplicity. That’s also why Hurco offers such an intelligent breadth of machining centers. Each series has its own well-defined place in the market. Chances are, you’ll find just what you need in one of Hurco’s machining center models. 

While Hurco is better known for our mills and control technology, our CNC lathe line of products deserves your attention. We've approached the design and development of our Turning Centers in the same methodical, user- centric way we develop our mills and control technologies. Bottom line: each feature of our CNC turning centers is designed to maximize productivity because our primary goal is to deliver manufacturing technology that helps our customers increase profitability. Hurco offers a rigid slant-bed lathe design with technology that gives you the flexibility you need to compete. 

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