Hurco CNC Machine Tools: Mills & Lathes - 3-Axis, 4-Axis, and 5-Axis

​​​​​​​​​With over 70 models (and counting) of CNC machines in our lineup, Hurco has the right CNC milling machine to make your business more productive and more profitable. In fact, each CNC mill or CNC lathe we manufacture and each CNC control feature​ we develop is designed with customer profitability as the top objective. While there are numerous reasons to choose Hurco, the powerful simplicity of the Hurco CNC control​ that supports multiple programming methods is the most important.

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    5 Big Reasons to Buy a HURCO CNC Machine

    Watch this short video presentation on five main reasons you should consider Hurco for your next CNC machine purchase.


    Hurco Vertical Machining Centers (VMC's)

    Hurco CNC Machining Centers Make Shops More Profitable

    Whether you call it a milling machine, a machining centre, or a machine tool, Hurco has the right CNC equipment to make your business more profitable. In fact, each machine tool we manufacture and each control feature we develop is designed with customer profitability as the top objective. While there are numerous reasons to choose Hurco, the high level benefits of Hurco CNC machine tools are highlighted below.?

    A Broad Line of CNC Mills for a Variety of Applications

    Whether you own a small job shop, you're a tier one supplier to the big automotive or aerospace companies, you supervise a tool room at a large company, or you’re a startup pursuing a dream, one of our CNC machining Centers will fit your needs and your budget. We have more than 20 machining Centers designed to provide the flexibility you need for a wide range of applications.

    From 5-axis and 3-axis VMCs to the two and three-metre double column machines, horizontals, and specialty zone machines, Hurco has a CNC mill that will make your operation more productive and profitable.

    We Know Vertical Machining Centers Inside and Out

    During the last 50+ years, countless machinists have relied on Hurco vertical mills to get the job done. From our first MB1 to the Hawk and BMCs of the past—many of which are still going strong decades later—we have the expertise that only comes from experience. But every builder says their vertical machining Centers are the best. Why should you choose a Hurco CNC mill? See below.

    VM Series VMX Series BX Series DCX Series

    Expert Design Yields Rigid CNC Mills that Increase Productivity

    While the design details that increase productivity for every customer who owns a Hurco vertical machining centre are pronounced, they aren't always noticeable at first glance. As a company, our focus is to minimise all operations that occur out of the cut—reduce programming time with our world renowned control, reduce cleanup time, and reduce overall setup. Below, are a few examples of design details that set us apart.

    • All of our VMCs have wider tables than most, but the ergonomic advantage is the fact that we took the time to design the machine so the table moves completely forward in the cube for easy operator access.
    • While many control consoles are flat, we tilt ours to minimise glare and make sure the buttons are big with logical labels.
    • Our washdown system saves time and eliminates costly cleanup. The coolant ring has adjustable nozzles and we strategically locate our washdown nozzles and make them adjustable. All Hurco VMCs have a dedicated pump system and sloped telescopic way covers to protect the VMC’s internal components.

    Hurco Turning Centers (TC's)

    CNC Lathes that Deliver

    While Hurco is better known for our mills and control technology, our CNC lathe line of products deserves your attention. We've approached the design and development of our CNC lathe line in the same methodical, user- centric way we develop our mills and control technologies. Bottom line: each feature of our CNC turning centers is designed to maximise productivity because our primary goal is to deliver manufacturing technology that helps our customers increase profitability.

    A Growing Line of CNC Turning centers

    We have a turning centre to fit your application needs and your budget—whether you own a small job shop, you're a tier one supplier, you supervise a tool room at a large company, or you’re a startup pursuing a dream. All of our turning centers are slant-bed lathes and designed for speed and manufacturing flexibility to support a wide range of applications. We have both performance CNC turning centers and general purpose CNC turning centers in addition to mill turn lathes.

    Due to Hurco’s culture of innovation and fiscal discipline, we have been able to invest in the expansion of our turning centre line. All of our turning centers are equipped with the world’s most powerful control. If you don’t have a Hurco lathe on your shop floor, give us another look. We have a lathe that will make your operation more productive and profitable.

    TM Series TMM Series TMX Series MY/MYS Series Heavy Duty Lathes

    Design Expertise Results in Rigid Turning centers

    The Hurco manufacturing team is relentless when it comes to quality and attention to detail. Like you, they take pride in what they do and what they produce—you can count on a Hurco lathe to last. All of our machine design is conducted in the USA using both static and finite element analysis in addition to reliability analysis. The Hurco team is skilled at user-centric design that results in ergonomic features, such as convenient front access to chuck and tailstock pressure controls in addition to a front loading coolant tank design that makes maintenance easy.

    More importantly, the design of Hurco turning centers supports flexible manufacturing, rigidity, and efficient chip removal. It starts with a one-piece slant bed casting that provides higher rigidity in a compact design. The 30-degree slant bed also promotes faster and easier chip removal. All Hurco turning centers are designed with a component isolation system, which keeps the components that generate the most heat isolated to fight heat dissipation and minimise spindle growth. Premium components add to the advanced performance and rigidity, with Yaskawa or Bosch/Rexroth drives, servos, and motors. Additionally, the multiple V-belt design of the spindle promotes higher power transfer with quieter operation.

    Numerous chip management features minimise time wasted on cleanup and protect internal components. All of the Hurco turning centers have telescopic way covers to keep chips out and protect the premium components inside your lathe. The inside door keeps coolant and chips inside the machine.