CNC Lathes Live Tooling

​​ General Purpose Mill Turn CNC Lathes

The TMM turning centers are true slant-bed lathes equipped with live tooling and a programmable C-axis. The TMM live tooling lathes are the perfect way to make small to medium lot sizes that require turning and secondary milling/drilling operations profitable. Save time with one setup and you won’t lose accuracy due to refixturing.​​​


Live Tool CNC Lathes

The most significant advantage of the Hurco TMM CNC​ lathes with live tooling is the simplified programming on the CNC control. Learn more about mill-turn control features. Beyond the control technology, the TMM lathes with live tooling have multiple design features that prove valuable for mill-turn applications in today's machine shop.                                   

  • Design + Construction: We use thick-walled, fine-grain cast iron for the major structural assemblies (base, headstock, and cross slide). The rigid one-piece machine base casting is designed to yield excellent static and dynamic performance in addition to outstanding dampening properties that inhibit thermal deformation and twisting. The box type cross slide ensures the turret remains rigid and stable even during the most rigorous cycles. We also use extra wide linear guideways that are strategically spaced to provide excellent support to the cross slide.
  • Fast, Servo Turret: The slotted tool turret is designed to provide fast and accurate tool indexes. You can use any combination of ID and OD tool holders in the tool stations. The turret uses a large service coupling for accurate location and clamping.
  • C-Axis: The C-Axis programs to .001 degree and it is standard on the Hurco lathes with live tooling—not an additional charge like competitor models.


Benefit from Our 50+ Years of Experience

For over five decades Hurco has continually focused on the development of technology that yields measurable productivity improvements for our customers. Our years of experience provide us the knowledge to build a rigid and reliable turret lathe with the most powerfully simplistic, user-friendly CNC control​ technology in the industry. Our experience has also allowed us to implement a unique business model within the machine tool industry that expands our global supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. This proven system benefits our customers because we are able to ship our machine tools with shorter lead times than most competitors. Additionally, we are able to continue product development schedules and targeted technology growth even during difficult economic cycles because our efficiency promotes financial stability.​     

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Premium Components + Expert Design

All Hurco, mill-turn CNC lathes are built for increased rigidity with an extra-wide saddle and larger Z-axis rails. You can be assured Hurco mill-turn CNC lathes have the premium components and rigidity required.​

  • One-piece bed casting for maximum rigidity.
  • Ergonomic design features make each process more efficient.
    • Convenient front access to chuck and tailstock pressure controls.
    • Front-loading coolant tank and chip conveyor design to minimize maintenance and provide easy access.
    • The 30-degree true slant bed design promotes larger turning capacity in addition to efficient chip removal.
    • Component isolation system minimizes heat dissipation and protects the spindle head to combat spindle growth.
    • Chip management features protect internal components
    • Telescopic way covers
    • Inside door track
    • Washdown and air guns
    • ​Adjustable brass coolant nozzles
  • Premium Components
    • The VDI servo turret provides quick-change tooling and fast indexing, features large, curvic coupling for superior rigidity, and makes all stations live-tool capable.
    • The short, live-tool drive train generates less heat and provides more horsepower and torque transfer to the tool, higher reliability, and quieter operation.
  • Advanced spindle technology with high output spindle motor. Additionally, the spindle motor is strategically designed for easy access and easy maintenance.
  • Guideways: The guide mechanism for the axes is fitted with precision linear ball rails. Our linear rails are built with the same precision grinding technology used in the manufacture of bearings because this technology provides superior acceleration and deceleration performance at full load-carrying capacity in all directions. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology, the size and spacing of the linear ball rails have been carefully matched to the machine’s static (precision boring) and dynamic (cutting and traversing) operating requirements. Each bearing block is independently and automatically lubricated to promote a long life.
  • Ball screws: For feed drive elements, Hurco only uses premium, quality designed, pre-tensioned, double-nut ball screws. With up to 98% efficiency, the re-circulating ball nut ensures low friction power transmission from the screw to the slide. This guarantees the combination of high accuracy, high rapid traverse rates, and high feed thrust. Large diameter double-nut ball screws are hardened and ground, centered between the guideways and anchored at both ends with pre-loaded ABEC-7 precision class angular contact thrust bearings. This combination prevents backlash and provides outstanding positioning repeatability with virtually no thermal growth.
  • Axis Drives: To maintain a leading edge in motion control technology all ball screws are driven by Yaskawa or Rexroth servo systems with closed-loop adaptive tuning and high-resolution feedback to obtain the utmost in system performance and reliability. The AC servo motors are direct-coupled to the ball screws for the highest level of accuracy. The brushless AC servo drive motors provide high torque to inertia ratio for the axis drives. The X and Z axis motors deliver impressive torque for peak thrust during heavy cuts.


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