BX50i 3-Axis Bridge VMC

​​​High-Speed CNC Double-Column Bridge Design Machining Centers

The stability of the double-column, the ladder design of the Z-axis, and the overall weight of the BX high-speed milling machines provide exceptional accuracy, thermal compensation, and outstanding surface finish capabilities. Equipped with an 18,000 rpm HSK 64A spindle and Hurco's patented UltiMotion technology, the BX series is designed for high speeds and tight tolerances.​



  • Extremely rigid and thermally stable double-column design.​
  • Ladder design of bridge provides maximum support to the head casting.​ 
  • The ladder design of the bridge provides maximum support to the head casting.
  • Close proximity of spindle to bridge casting reduces overhang.
  • Roller-type rails on all axes provide additional rigidity.
  • Direct-coupled ballscrews support increased speed and accuracy.
  • Motorized high-speed spindle.

Benefit from Our 50+ Years of Experience