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VTXZ Overview

Get in the ZONE: the CNC Machining Zone

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The Zone Machining Center Combines Performance with Versatility

The traveling column, fixed bed design facilitates efficient processing of parts up to 80 inches long, or you can convert the machine to two 30” x 26” zones for smaller parts. The VTXZ design supports flexible manufacturing practices found in shops that require a mixed schedule of parts.
The right and left doors lock independently, which makes it possible to cut in one zone and set up in the other. The machine design facilitates equally sized zones with minimal dead zone volume. Additionally, the 40-tool swing-arm ATC moves with the traveling column so you have more room in the work cube and faster tool changes.

The Only Dual-Screen Control Console in the Industry

Hurco is the only CNC machining center that gives you the added benefit of a dual-screen control. You can get the job done with a single screen, but the dual-screen makes everything faster and easier.

  • Data Block Search helps you edit a part program to correct a feature. Instead of searching through lines of code, you simply use the graphics screen to select the part feature you need to edit, and the corresponding line of code appears on the other screen so you can quickly make the change.
  • Concurrent Programming is another feature that is enhanced with the dual-screen control. While the machining center is running one part, you can program the next part without interrupting the cycle.
  • DXF Transfer allows you to simply import the CAD image, select the desired features, and the WinMax control automatically creates the program. Then check the part program on the screen with our powerful verifications graphics system that includes 3D solid rendering of the tool path with dynamic rotation and real time tool display. You can view the part from any angle without being forced to redraw it.

Learn more about the Hurco control.

Benefit from Our 40+ Years of Experience

Roch-Hurco-Experience.jpgFor over four decades Hurco has continually focused on the development of technology that yields measurable productivity improvements for our customers. Our years of experience provide us the knowledge to build rigid and reliable machining centers with the most powerfully simplistic, user-friendly control technology in the industry. Our experience has also allowed us to implement a unique business model within the machine tool industry that expands our global supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. This proven system benefits our customers because we are able to ship our machine tools with shorter lead times than most competitors. Additionally, we are able to continue product development schedules and targeted technology growth even during difficult economic cycles because our efficiency promotes financial stability.

Hurco Headquarters

Zone Mill Design Maximizes Manufacturing Flexibility

Depending on your geographic location, the concept of a dual-zone machining center might seem confusing. Why not just buy two smaller mills for nearly the same investment? Some shops opt for that strategy, but the Zone VMC offers more flexibility, versatility, and continuous production capability.

Versatility + Flexibility. The Zone machining center gives you more flexibility per square foot of floor space than other types of mills. The versatility of the VTXZ gives you the ability to switch back and forth between two zones that have X/Y/Z travels of 30/26/24 inches or one zone that has X/Y/Z travels of 80/26/24 inches. The zone design also supports production of large and/or irregularly shaped parts, and large dies that a traditional mill can’t handle. The VTXZ weighs 38,500 pounds and its table can handle up to 6,000 pounds of weight.

Continous production. The VTXZ mill is like having a built-in pallet changer. The traveling column with the ATC attached promotes continuous production to maximize spindle cutting time.


Premium Components Increase Performance

We focus our efforts on reducing your overall cycle time while minimizing time wasted on non-cutting operations, by incorporating time-saving features into the design and using premium components.
  • The Heart of the Machining Center. The VTXZ machining centers feature a powerful, 12,000 rpm cartridge spindle. The low base-speed of the spindle provides more torque for the machine without needing a gearbox, which eliminates additional assembly and maintenance.
  • Prolonging Spindle Life + Preserving Accuracy. We have systems in place to prolong spindle life and combat spindle growth caused by heat dissipation. We use ceramic hybrid bearings in the VTXZ spindles because they operate at much lower temperatures, which means they have a significantly longer lifespan and a much lower probability of failure. They are packed with lifetime grease, which promotes a maintenance-free lubrication system. In addition to using ceramic bearings, we use a coolant jacket that is designed into the frame’s head casting to keep the spindle at an optimum temperature by stabilizing wide temperature variations and reducing heat dissipation. Because keeping the spindle and work area clean is vital to machine performance, we incorporate an upper and lower air-purge system to keep contaminants outside of the spindle.
  • Best-In-Class Chip Management High pressure, high volume, stainless steel coolant ring with adjustable nozzles delivers coolant right to the tool. Dedicated large capacity pump system and scraper type lift-up conveyor with barrel height discharge eliminate costly cleanup and save valuable time. Sloped telescopic way covers protect the internal components of the machining center.
  • Generous Tool Capacity ATC Fully enclosed, side-mounted, swing-arm ATC gives you more room to work and has more tool capacity.  The all electronic design provides the reliability, speed, and near-zero maintenance you require. Additionally, the ATC moves with the traveling column to promote continuous production.


Productivity Options

Coolant Through the Spindle (CTS).
If you’re doing deep hole drilling, CTS will pay for itself quickly with increased productivity and extended tool life. CTS is also recommended for pocket milling because you can cut faster and your tools last longer. Additionally, CTS provides cooling to keep fight heat dissipation, which helps to preserve accuracy. Hurco offers 300 and 1,000 psi CTS options.


Thermal Stabilization Package.
This spindle oil chiller is thermostatically controlled ward against spindle head growth. It is the most efficient way to preserve spindle life and preserve accuracy.

Part Probing
Part Probing.
Hurco offers a Conversational Part Probing package with fully-featured conversational data blocks that allow you execute hands-free part and inspection probing, and full support of Renishaw part probing.

Renishaw Tool Probing.
Hurco has two compact yet robust tool setting probe packages for accurate measurement of tool length and diameter in a free spindle state or in rotation. The basic package uses a stylus touch application and the non-contact package uses a laser beam non-contact application.