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Why Automate? Why Now? Job Shop Automation & You.

Job shop owners consistently rank the ability to find qualified machinists as the number one problem they face. Not only are twice as many people retiring each year compared to 20 years ago, our industry has struggled with attracting younger gener​ations to pursue careers in manufacturing.

While high production manufacturing businesses solved their labor shortage issue with automation decades ago, automation for the high-mix manufacturing environment wasn’t a practical solution due to its inflexibility.

Practical Automation for High-Mix Manufacturing Is Here.

Hurco focused on high-mix manufacturing by partnering with ProCobots to make job shop automation practical. ProCobots automation solutions are flexible, easy to program, and easy to move to your other Hurco machines for unmatched flexibility.

Hurco and ProCobots have created practical job shop automation products that are affordable, practical, flexible, compact, and eliminate the need to call an expensive integrator every time you need changes or move the system to different machines. With compact footprints that don’t require intrusive safety fencing, the ProCobots collaborative robots can work safely with your machinists instead of replacing them.

Your Employees & Job Shop Automation

Additionally, the Hurco Automation Job Manager feature that’s in the WinMax® control combined with ProCobots products will maximize the contribution of your machinists. They won’t need to waste time on repetitive and redundant tasks. Instead, cobots will do the monotonous and low-skill tasks without taking breaks so your machinists can maximize the high-value skills they contribute to each job.

Cobot with hurco 5-axis cnc machine

​The Solution?

Cobots - Collaborative Robots. ProCobots​ partnered with Universal Robots (UR), innovator and world leader in collaborative robots, to create practical CNC machine automation solutions that are affordable, practical, flexible, compact, and eliminate the need to call an expensive integrator each time you want to change your automation or move the system to different machines.

Additionally, ProCobots Job Shop Automation will maximize the contribution of your machinists. They won't need to waste time on repetitive, redundant, and simple tasks. Instead, the cobots will do the monotonous and low-value tasks so your machinists can maximize the high-value skills they contribute to each job.

Cobots work for your workers and let them focus on what’s important!​


PRACTICAL Job Shop Automation
Job Shop Automation



Hurco has eliminated all of the obstacles associated with traditional automation. With Hurco’s job shop automation, high-mix manufacturing can have all the benefits of advanced robotics without the hassle (and cost) associated with traditional automation. The collaborative robots (cobots) from ProCobots, combined with Hurco technology, ensure the cobots are easy to set up and easy to program.  Bonus: No shielded work cells needed.



Cobots let you expand your people power so one operator can run three or four machines at once. With ProCobots, your machinists are free to utilize their skills and expertise to optimize your manufacturing operations while the cobots do the monotonous and low-skill tasks.



Reduce production downtime and increase quality with precision and high repeatability. Cobots can work 24 hours a day and seven days a week–even when you’re not there!​




  • Ideal for smaller CNC machines.
  • Built for simple machine tending.
  • Docking station for repeatable locating.
  • Different types of part trays available as options.

ProFeeder Light
ProFeeder Light

  • Good for small series machine tending.
  • Easy to move to other CNC machines with a pallet truck.
  • Manual changeable part tray.
  • Heavy-duty leveling casters can be mounted.


  • Easy setup for quick changeovers.
  • Easy to move to other CNC machines with a pallet truck.
  • Comes with two carts for seamless batch production.
  • Pneumatic locking system precisely positions the part cart and part tray when exchanged.

ProFeeder X
ProFeeder X

  • The ProFeeder X robot cell is a compact, high capacity system.
  • You can configure the ProFeeder X with 2, 5, or 10 drawers to match your production capacity and part sizes.
  • Three-position drawers let you load and unload parts simultaneously while the robot is running.

PrtoFeeder Q
ProFeeder Q

  • The ProFeeder Q robot cell consists of one docking station and one mover with four part tray drawers.
  • The four-drawer part cart is suitable for larger production series.
  • Additional carts available.

ProFeeder Compact
ProFeeder Compact

  • Small footprint with six drawers for high capacity in tight spaces.
  • Three-position drawers let you load and unload parts simultaneously while the robot is running.
  • Separate robot pedestal provides flexible cell layout options.

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​​Why Hurco?

Hurco was founded on the principle to develop practical technology for high-mix manufacturing and to deliver it in ways that our customers can easily improve their productivity.

We know the struggles shops have experienced with traditional automation. That’s why we formed a partnership with ProCobots to create a completely integrated job shop automation system that is portable, reliable, easy to set up, and easy to program.

The Automation Job Manager software feature on the Hurco control was created specifically for you. Straightforward screens with the information you need to make automation work for you!​


Hurco Control Features

CNC Automation Job Manager with WinMax 
Job Setup Wizard 

Hurco Automation Job Manager | The Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard guides you through programming new jobs and custom part trays by teaching robot positions – simply move the robot by hand and store the position.

  • Easily prioritize, edit, and remove jobs.
  • Quickly load and save your job setups.
  • Select the robot exchange and CNC part programs.
  • Simply click on the grid to set the stock material locations.
  • Add the job to the production queue.

​Get the Hurco job shop automation package and list of package contents

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Since its founding in 1968, Hurco has delivered machines with sophisticated and intuitive control technology. “We have a long list of products and technologies we’ve invented or included in our products to help customers be more productive,” Volovic said. While brands like Harley-Davidson, Caterpillar and John Deere use Hurco CNC machines, most customers are family-owned firms. “The vast majority of our customers find ways to bring order to the ever-changing, competitive landscape of high-mix manufacturing that defines job shops,” he said. “Delivering machines equipped with technology that helps them reduce setup time and be more productive is simply part of our DNA.” Ultimately, he points to Hurco technology that democratizes manufacturing. “The most recent example surrounds automation. For years, automation has been a practical solution for traditional manufacturing to deal with the skills gap and increase efficiency. However, it was out of reach for many customers who have a high mix of parts. Automation didn’t have the flexibility they required, and integration could be costly. We made job shop automation a top priority and have utilized the power of our control’s architecture and partnerships with automation firms to provide effective and efficient CNC automation.”

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