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Why Automate?

In today's rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, job shops face unique challenges stemming from a severe labor shortage and the growing demand for faster job setup times. This presentation, hosted by Modern Machine Shop, delves into the crucial importance of automation for job shops and highlights ProCobots as a provider of high-mix, low-volume automation solutions.

Why Hurco Developed Automation for High-Mix Manufacturing

The labor shortage has compelled job shops to seek efficient and cost-effective alternatives. One of the key solutions lies in the extremely fast job setup time offered by automation systems, which streamline processes and reduce reliance on manual labor. The benefits of collaborative robots (cobots) over traditional industrial robots are their versatility, safety, and ease of integration into existing workflows.

How Practical Job Shop Automation Helps Hurco Customers

ProCobots is a provider of effective high-mix, low-volume automation that can cater to the diverse needs of job shops that handle a wide range of parts and projects. From initial planning to seamless integration with the Hurco control, ProCobots automation can revolutionize job shops and drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability. By showcasing real-world examples and practical applications, this presentation aims to inspire job shop owners and operators to embrace automation as a strategic imperative for staying competitive in today's dynamic manufacturing environment.

By showcasing real-world examples and practical applications, this presentation aims to inspire job shop owners and operators to embrace automation as a strategic imperative for staying competitive in today's dynamic manufacturing environment.

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Customer Testimonial


The owner of Oakridge Fabrication was skeptical about automation for high-mix manufacturing after he heard stories about robots sitting idle in the corner due to complex integrations.

Hurco’s Job Shop Automation empowered his shop to control their automation because the robot is completely integrated with the Hurco control—no robot programming needed!

With Hurco’s Job Shop Automation, Oakridge Fabrication found the flexibility needed for high-mix manufacturing. Part changeover is five minutes or less, a job that used to be three days of hand-loading parts is completed overnight, and they report unattended run times of 12 to 16 hours.

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Hurco Control Features

CNC Automation Job Manager with WinMax

Automation Job Manager

Runs on the MAX 5 Control or a separate PC

  • Easy Job Setup and Robot-CNC Graphical User Interface.
  • Job and queue progress bars.
  • Run multiple jobs sequentially.
  • Setup Wizard for part trays.
  • Load and save job setups.
  • No programming to set up or run.
  • Less than 5 minutes part changeover time.

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ProFeeder Table

  • Most flexible solution
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Large worktable
  • Extruded aluminum top
  • Easy grid tray changeover
  • Optional leveling castors
ProFeeder Table
ProFeeder X

ProFeeder X

  • 5- or 10-drawer systems available
  • 3-position drawers allows for replenishing stock and removing finished parts while robot and machine are running
  • High capacity with compact footprint
  • Robot mounts to drawer system

PRACTICAL Job Shop Automation
Job Shop Automation



Hurco has eliminated all of the obstacles associated with traditional automation. With Hurco’s job shop automation, high-mix manufacturing can have all the benefits of advanced robotics without the hassle (and cost) associated with traditional automation. The collaborative robots (cobots) from ProCobots, combined with Hurco technology, ensure the cobots are easy to set up and easy to program.  Bonus: No shielded work cells needed.


Cobots let you expand your people power so one operator can run three or four machines at once. With ProCobots, your machinists are free to utilize their skills and expertise to optimize your manufacturing operations while the cobots do the monotonous and low-skill tasks.



Reduce production downtime and increase quality with precision and high repeatability. Cobots can work 24 hours a day and seven days a week–even when you’re not there!​

​The Solution?

Cobots - Collaborative Robots. ProCobots​ partnered with Universal Robots (UR), innovator and world leader in collaborative robots, to create practical CNC machine automation solutions that are affordable, practical, flexible, compact, and eliminate the need to call an expensive integrator each time you want to change your automation or move the system to different machines.

Additionally, ProCobots Job Shop Automation will maximize the contribution of your machinists. They won't need to waste time on repetitive, redundant, and simple tasks. Instead, the cobots will do the monotonous and low-value tasks so your machinists can maximize the high-value skills they contribute to each job.

Cobots work for your workers and let them focus on what’s important!​


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​​Why Hurco?

​​Advanced Machine Technology.

  • Leading CNC machine tools manufacturer.
  • Committed to innovation and high-quality machines.
  • Excellence in product design, manufacturing, and customer support.

An Automation Solution Designed and Tested By Hurco Engineers

  • Powered by our WinMax® CNC control system at the core.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.
  • Preferred choice for operators, programmers, and engineers.

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