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5-Axis CNC Mill Offers Maximum Flexibility

Benefits of the SR 5-Axis Mill

The design of the swivel head 5-axis machining center makes the SR the best choice for certain applications.

Versatility. The large rotary table provides versatility that allows you to use the extra table space for secondary operations or 3-axis work.

Heavier Parts. Because the table is stationary, the swivel head/rotary table 5-axis machining centers are typically preferred when machining heavier parts.

Better chip control.  With the swivel head/rotary table configuration, you can run the machine horizontally and gain better chip control.

Unlimited angular movement of C-axis. With a swivel head/rotary table 5-axis machining center, it is extremely important to make sure the table (C-axis) supports unlimited angular movement.  For example, if you are machining down a steep wall and going around the part, the table needs to rotate in a continuous motion. If the C-axis is limited to +360 / -360 degrees of motion, it will literally need to unwind at regular intervals to machine the part. Conversely, the tables on the Hurco SR 5-axis mills are built with unlimited and continuous rotation because our focus from design to delivery is to maximize productivity and profitability for our customers.

Tool access for swept surfaces and complex contours. There are certain applications, such as impellers or turbines, when it is beneficial to approach the part from underneath. When you mill uphill, as it is sometimes called, the base of the spindle is lower than the tool tip. The B-axis tilting head with the C-axis rotary table of the SR machining center supports this type of cutting strategy, whereas a trunnion style 5-axis mill doesn’t.

VMX42SRT frame angle-web.jpg 

Advanced 5-Axis Control Technology

Hurco has a host of features designed to make 5-sided and 5-axis more efficient.
  • Tool Center Point Management eliminates the need to account for the machining center’s centerlines of rotation. Instead, you simply use the solid model zero location. Post the program independent of where the stock is fixtured on the table.
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  • Transform Plane allows you in one simple step to position the part to the side you need to machine by calculating the other locations for each of the rotary moves after you locate part zero. The control software only needs you to define part zero one time, and it figures out all of the other part zero locations automatically.
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  • 3-D Tool Compensation eliminates the need to repost the program in order to adjust the tool diameter because of wear. For 3D surfaces, machinists cut off the tool’s centerline to obtain a better surface finish and preserve tool life. This feature allows you to compensate for wear without the need to repost.
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  • Tool Path Linearization eliminates gouging of the workpiece and the line segments in the form of XYZBC or AC moves that a CAM system uses, which results in a smoother surface finish and a smaller program. 
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  • Tool Vector Input allows the control to compute machine angles and positions, and calculates the angle the tool will tilt from the contact point of the surface. This means the part program is machine independent.
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  • Tool Vector Retract tells the spindle to retract out of the hole or pocket along the tool vector angle, which eliminates tool breakage and/or damage to the part.
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Sophisticated Control

We OWN 5-Axis + 5-Sided

At Hurco, we are immersed in 5-axis technology. We have carved out a niche in this arena because we made a commitment nearly a decade ago to focus on 5-axis. We determined this type of machining center, combined with the capabilities of our control, would make our customers more profitable. Similar to the transition from manual mills to CNC mills, we believe the time is right for shops across the country to increase profit margin by investing in 5-axis. Because we listened to our customers' reservations about switching from a 3-axis process to 5-axis, we assembled a 5-axis applications team with a dedicated phone number and email to help.

If you do NOT OWN a 5-axis machining center, the most important message you need to know: 5-sided machining on a 5-axis VMC will increase the profit margin of the parts you are producing on your 3-axis machining centers. The Hurco control makes programming easy for 5-sided---NO CAM needed!

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Customer Success

We say it all the time: we have the best customers in the world! Truly, they are the epitome of the American work ethic, American ingenuity, and a "get it done" attitude. We are honored to be a part of their business. Their endorsement is our greatest advertisement.

 “When the part was milled on the three-axis machine, five sides were completed in eight to 10 hours, including repeated manual re-fixturing. The part is now machined in around three hours on the five-axis Hurco. As only one additional set-up is needed for machining the sixth face, the component is produced in two milling operations followed by sparking.”
––RST Engineering
“Our machinists had a week of training on the VMX42SR and a week on the lathe with live tooling, and they were good to go. They programmed the rear rocker part in conversational at the control”
––Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
“The VMX42SR’s table had the capacity to handle the weight of stainless steel, which is important because that’s the material we use the most… About 750 pounds is where a lot of the table capacities fell off. The parts we’re looking at range from about 700 to 800 pounds before machining, so we’d have been running right on the ragged edge.”
–– Dave Bernhardt. NuCon.

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Don’t Get Left Behind

According to benchmark data from Modern Machine Shop magazine, 24% of the highest performing shops in the U.S. are using 5-axis positioning. Hurco has carved out a niche in the 5-axis arena due to years of research and development. When we decide where to invest our resources at Hurco, our primary criteria are customer productivity and profitability. We evaluate the past, the present, and the possibilities of the future to determine what technology will benefit our customers the most. Nearly a decade ago, we determined that 5-axis machining warranted our attention and set a path to become the experts. We continue to lead the industry in developing control technology that optimizes the process for full 5-axis and 5-sided (3+2).

As our industry transitioned from manual to CNC milling, many shops got left behind. The transition from 3-axis to 5-axis may prove to be a similar situation. At the very least, you should evaluate the benefits of integrating 5-sided processes into your operation. With 5-sided, also called 3+2, you reduce setup time, increase accuracy, and expand your shop’s capability for future simultaneous 5-axis work.

When you invest in a Hurco 5-axis CNC machining center, you get two machines in one. A machine that will immediately increase the profit margin of the parts you’re producing on a 3-axis machining center via powerful 5-sided programming (no CAM needed) and a rigid machine that is fully compatible with CAD/CAM packages for simultaneous 5-axis. Learn more about the profitability potential of 5-sided machining at

Productivity Options

Coolant Through the Spindle (CTS).
If you’re doing deep hole drilling, CTS will pay for itself quickly with increased productivity and extended tool life. CTS is also recommended for pocket milling because you can cut faster and your tools last longer. Additionally, CTS provides cooling to keep fight heat dissipation, which helps to preserve accuracy. Hurco offers 300 and 1,000 psi CTS options.

Thermal Stabilization Package.
This spindle oil chiller is thermostatically controlled ward against spindle head growth. It is the most efficient way to preserve spindle life and preserve accuracy.

Part Probing
Part Probing.
Hurco offers a Conversational Part Probing package with fully-featured conversational data blocks that allow you execute hands-free part and inspection probing, and full support of Renishaw part probing.

Renishaw Tool Probing.
Hurco has two compact yet robust tool setting probe packages for accurate measurement of tool length and diameter in a free spindle state or in rotation. The basic package uses a stylus touch application and the non-contact package uses a laser beam non-contact application.

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