Turning Center with Live Tooling

The TMM mill turn machines are true slant-bed lathes equipped with live tooling. These mill turn lathes are the perfect way to make small to medium lot sizes that require turning and secondary milling/drilling operations profitable. Save time with one setup and you won’t lose accuracy due to refixturing.

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TMM10i - Turning Center with Live Tooling - Hurco

TMM10i Machine Specifications

Travels & Capacity

Distance Between Centers
27.4 in (695 mm)
Swing Over Bed Diameter22.9 in (582 mm)
Swing Over Cross Slide Diameter15.8 in (402 mm)
Max. Turning Diameter11.6 in (295 mm)
Max. Turning Length27.6 in (700 mm)
Max. Bar Capacity3.07 in (78 mm)
X, Z Axis Travel9.8 x 29.5 in (250 x 750 mm )


Max. Spindle Speed
3000 rpm
Max torque high gear350 lb/ft @ 360 RPM (474 Nm @ 360 RPM)
Spindle Power24 HP (18 kW)
Spindle NoseA2-8
Chuck Diameter10 in (254 mm)


Tool Type
VDI 40
Tool Capacity12 Stations
Max boring bar diameter1.5 in (40 mm)
Turret Index Time-Adjacent.31 seconds
Turret Index Time-Furthest.82 seconds

Live Spindle

Live Tooling Spindle Speed
4000 rpm
Live Tooling Spindle Power8.85 hp (6.6 kw)
Live Tooling Spindle Max Torque31 ft. lbs (42 Nm)


Rapid Traverse X,Z Axis
750, 945 in/min (19, 24 m/min)


Max. Operating Floor Space
201.6 x 125 in (5,120.1 x 3,179.3 mm)
Machine Height85.4 in (2,169 mm)
Machine Weight11,023 lb (5,000 kg)
Parts catcher dimensions8.3 x 5 x 3.5 in (210 x 126.7 x 88 mm)
Optimum machine performance is reliant upon installation conditions at the facility, such as power supply, air supply, and ambient air conditions. Information may change without notice.

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