Unusual delivery

Delivering a machine weighing 4100 kgs to a client that has his shop on the third floor is no mean feat and takes some organising.

With a footprint of 2459 x 1798 mm, although relatively small, it still takes some maneuvering of the machine to place it on the shopfloor.

Take one: The machine is hoisted up to the third floor by the rigger and steadied so that it can be gently moved in by via the only entrance big enough. This is the delivery entrance and seven machines have been delivered to Rabco Precision Engineering in a similar way but not one so big.

Oops!! The machine cannot be maneuvered to go through the entrance. Questions are asked and heads are scratched.

Take two: Give it another go, but this time turn it, so that the machine goes in length ways and not side ways, even though there is only just over half a metre difference in dimensions. Whew it just squeezes in. And this was all done in one hour.

Rabco Precision Engineering took delivery of the company’s first CNC machining centre, a new HurcoVM2, from Hurco South Africa in May 2009. The machine has been purchased to give the company the opportunity to machine larger moulds, improve on their delivery times and take some of the workload off the existing machines which include turret mills, wire EDM, grinders and conventional centre lathes.

“We manufacture plastic injection and blow moulds for various clients in the plastic industry. The Hurco has a work envelope of 1016 x 457 x 457 mm and is powered by Hurco’s WinMax control, so this should alleviate our problem” said Rabco Precision Engineering owner, Clinton Rabey, a young entrepreneur who started his company just over seven years ago.

Other exciting developments within the company have seen the introduction of a design department, just over a month ago. “With the new Hurco arriving I needed to offer my clients more than just the faster delivery of their moulds. We have employed an industrial designer and now we can take a product from conception to finished product. He is working with SolidWorks on the design side and we have purchased Delcam’s PowerMill and PowerShape to take the design to the machines” Rabey explained.

“We believe we can offer a client a complete package now, which is what a client wants these days” Rabey concluded.


For further details contact Clinton Rabey of Rabco Precision Engineering on TEL: 011 452 7704 or contact Hurco South Africa on TEL: 011 849 5600