​A tale of two world​s under one roof​​

Ingmar Machine  

Ingmar Engineering stands out even more than other fabrication shops in an industry where one metal fabricating shop is rarely an exact copy of another.

The company, which has roots in mould and die making, offers CNC punching, bending and guillotining, welding and assembly as well as the original toolroom machiningfor customers.With its recent purchase of a Hurco VM20 vertical machining center Ingmar are now able to offer more than fabrication related services.

Sometimes it pays for metal fabricators to think outside the boxor, the enclosure to be precise.The production of telecommunications related boxes and similar enclosures are the bread-and-butter jobs for numerous fabricators. They cut the blank, bend it into a box, and weld it up so efficiently that some of the workers probably can do the job blindfolded.

But what about the components outside the box? Most fabricators aren’t involved in that. A few, meanwhile, have jumped into the telecommunications and electronics assembly market, where they pull the parts together and assemble the final box before it’s shipped to the customer. And a select few actually make some of the components that accompany the enclosure or boxes.

Different but the same

Even though the business is not your typical metal fabricating operation, Ingmar does share a lot of similarities with its peers, like focusing on the basics – quality and flexibility.

“The company has never really had to advertise. Customers keep coming back and often refer other companies to us. For that type of word-of-mouth promotion to work, the company has to be committed to producing quality parts.”

“For some clients we do production runs from small batches to hundreds. We do not compete in a markets of mass production,but we are able to gear up for specific customer requirements. I believe it is our ability to come up with creative solutions for clients and be able to provide a turnkey finished product for our customers that keeps them coming back.”

“I cite the example where we had to provide an enclosure for a battery pack and the order would vary between 100 and 150 of these battery packs a month. The battery pack entailed fabricating 24 different components, all fabricated in our shop.”

“Another example is we have now had a number of contracts given to us by a local company that is involved in designing very visual audio, video, lighting, special effects and interactive installations. They have now relied on us to supply all the fabrication and fixturing components that make up their displays.”

“This is very nontraditional fabrication work but extremely rewarding when the dynamic finished installation is there for all to see and you realise you have been part of the creation.”


Besides the Trumpf punching machine Ingmar Engineering have an Elga guillotine which will cut up to 2400mm wide and blank to close tolerances, an Amada two metre wide, 80 ton press brake, a three metre long Adira bending press, a Boschert punching machine for processing copper flat bars and a Haeger riveting machine.

Just arrived on the floor is a new Hurco VM20i vertical machining centre equipped with the WinMAX control. The machine has traverses of X-axis – 1010mm, Y-axis – 508mm and Z-axis –508mm and is equipped with a 4th axis and through spindle coolant.

“We have specifically purchased this machine because of the time it was taking for certain machining operations in our toolroom department. We used to take two and half days to machine 20 of one type of component and now we do 120 of the same component in half a day. We are also aiming to get to the point where we can do the setup for a component and machine it to completion.”

In total the company has 19 staff and operates from a 1500 m² facility, we are proudly South African and currently hold a certified level 2 BEE certificate!

“We are not a contract manufacturer although we do have regular clients and components and products to manufacture. We do not manufacture any of our own proprietary products but we do love to become involved in those challenging opportunities from design to prototyping to finished product including all the fixtures and fittings.”

“We have an old-school approach, courtesy of Theo, but we work well in the “new” era of doing business. Maybe that’s the type of out-of-the-box thinking that keeps the customers coming back to Ingmar.”

For further details contact Glen Jones of Ingmar Engineering on TEL: 011 793 1255 or visit