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Hurco Southeast Asia Maintenance Programm

Mind Your Machine Programme

All Hurco Service Professionals have undergone a rigorous training programme, which includes field service training in addition to classroom training, to ensure they understand customer maintenance requirements and machine servicing needs.

Our technical competency and experience, coupled with the most advanced equipment, allow us to mind your machine to its optimum operating conditions.

Please contact our Hurco Service Professionals today to experience the benefits of our comprehensive service programmes.

Phone: +65 6742 6177 Extn: 200
Fax: +65 6745 7664

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Increase productivity, improve overall profitability, and protect your investment with Hurco professional maintenance services. Our comprehensive inspection and preventive maintenance programmes optimize your machine performance while minimizing downtime.

Machine Audit

Certified Hurco service consultants inspect your machine and conduct a systematic review of the machine’s key components to evaluate the machine’s performance.

  • Provides insight to the operational condition of your machine.
  • Minimizes machine downtime due to unexpected breakdowns.
  • Includes a thorough Hurco Machine Audit Report detailing key findings and proposed solutions.

Preventive Maintenance Service

  • Hurco Service TechnicianCertified Hurco service consultants perform a comprehensive set of maintenance procedures on your machine.
  • Comprises of Machine Audit and non-spare parts rectification based on recommended best practices.
  • Optimizes machine performance and extends its useful life through on-site rectification and proposed parts replacement.
  • Includes a thorough Hurco Preventive Maintenance Report that summarizes key findings, proposed solutions, and work performed.


  • Promotes productivity through optimizing machine utilization and performance.
  • Minimizes unexpected machine downtime.
  • Converts “reactive” repair work to “proactive” planned maintenance service.
  • Provides substantial savings in machine maintenance costs.
  • Gives you peace of mind due to your selection of a reliable service partner with proven track record

Optional services customized to your requirements

  • Laser mapping
  • Ball bar testing
  • Geometry check and rectification
  • Control Kit replacement programme