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Innovation that Matters to You

Developing control technology that increases the profitability of each customer's business is what drives innovation at Hurco. It’s ingrained in our culture. It’s our passion. It’s our job.

Our team of engineers isn't just smart and highly educated...Hurco engineers are practical. They focus on developing control technology that will benefit the machining process and make your job easier. Each feature must have a benefit to the customer. And they pride themselves on simplifying the technology on the front-end so it is intuitive and user-friendly. 

Hurco engineers get it...if your machine isn't making chips, it's not making money. You can count on Hurco to get you from print to part faster!

​A History of Innovation

Hurco was founded on innovation...the idea that innovation is a continual process to improve technology and find new ways to increase efficiency. Hurco has more than 80 patents for machine tool control technology. Additionally, we invented conversational programming, which revolutionized the machine tool industry because it was an alternative to cumbersome G-codes and M-codes. The difference between conversational programming and NC programming has been compared to the difference between Windows and the old DOS interface of the first personal computers.

Our latest innovation, UltiMotion, simultaneously reduces cycle time and improves surface finish qualty. UltiMotion uses software-based motion versus conventional hardware-based motion to achieve spectacular results.

Learn more about our latest control innovation, Ultimotion.

Our most impressive CNC machine tool innovation is our 5-axis VMXSR family of CNC mills. Shops around the country are increasing their profit margin on existing parts by converting to 5-sided machining made easy with Hurco 5-axis CNC machines.

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