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Aerodyne Precision Machining

Aerodyne Precision Machining - 5 Axis Machining is a game changer for Surf City shop   

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Aerodyne Team

Aerodyne Precision Machining Inc. (APM) incorporated thirty years ago in Southern California’s Surf City, Huntington Beach, California. What started out as a home based company in Raymond Krispel’s garage has grown into a 20,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility with 32 employees and well over a dozen CNC milling and turning centers.


APM is one of the larger Hurco shops in Southern California, and just made the jump to 5 axis machining three years ago. “We’ve been dealing with Machinery Sales for a couple years,” explains Eric. “Garry Frost, his sales staff and service team do a great job supporting the Hurco product line, but it took us a while to finally pull the trigger on our first 5 axis.” After seeing it run at an open house, APM ordered a Hurco VMX42U. It is a 24hp machine with 40 tools and Hurco’s integrated trunnion table. “Combined setup and training was less than two weeks,” adds Ben. “We were cutting chips on actual jobs before the training crew even left.” APM discovered that the 5 axis not only changed the way they machined parts, but also how they looked at jobs. “We are taking a part that used to have 8 operations and now only two at most,” explains Eric. “Besides the time savings we have seen a huge bump in overall accuracy.


Aerodyne Precision Machining (APM) credits Hurco and its extensive product line as being an integral part of their success. APM has been a Hurco customer for many years, but just purchased their first 5-axis CNC machine three years ago after seeing a cutting demonstration at Machinery Sales Company’s open house. With their new Hurco 5-axis machining center, APM reduced the number of operations on just one part from 8 to 2. The programmers all love the Hurco control, specifically the user friendly quality, and say the Hurco control is one of the biggest selling points of the machines.

Aerodyne Precision Machining
1.) Eric is a self proclaimed Hurco enthusiast and feels the Hurco controls are some of the most user friendly in the business.
2.) Simple jobs are made easier by being able to program on the machine. Ben finds the conversational to be very useful.
3.) APM has 11 Hurco milling centers including three 5-axis machines.
4.) Hurco’s integrated trunnion table makes 5-axis machining quick and accurate.

Read the full article by Sean Buur published in the March 2016 issue of CNC West Magazine

Photos by Sean Buur & Aerodyne