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Why I Love Hurco: "You can go from print to part in minutes"   

icon Why I Love Hurco

This is a submission from our "Why I Love Hurco" Sweepstakes.

Control Is Easy to Learn

​I have operated a Hurco VM1 for several years. I have come to appreciate the  Hurco control and its ease of use. Having never used a conversational control, I found it extremely easy to learn. You can go from print to program in minutes.

Built to Last

I am also impressed with the rigidity of Hurco VMC’s. We have 7 Hurco mills at Detroit Tool and Engineering. As you can imagine, these mills have taken a beating over the years. I am amazed how they have recovered after some of the crashes I have witnessed.

Most of our Hurcos are more than 15 years old and still going strong. They all hold tight tolerances even after the forementioned abuse. I think it is clear to see why Hurco will continue to strand out in a crowd. If I was ever to open a shop of my own, I would definitely choose Hurco for my CNC needs!

Jeff Read