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TM6 Is Perfect for Prototyping and Short Run Production   

Tags: Lathe
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This is a submission from our "Why I Love Hurco" Sweepstakes.

I want to win the TM6 lathe. I own a small start up company, Fundamentally Fast LLC, that specializes in high-end aftermarket bicycle components, all made in the USA. My products make people on bikes go faster. Your products make people like me develop products faster, get to market faster, and turn inventory faster. A nice match indeed. 

The TM6 is perfect for my budding company because it directly addresses my needs for a turning center:
Prototyping  I design and machine all prototypes in-house. This reduces time to market and lets me iterate quickly to optimal designs. The conversational programming features of the Hurco WinMax control is ideally suited to get from idea to part quickly while maintaining the flexibility to make on-the-fly changes. The grooving and hole cycle blocks will radically simplify my programming and the Solid Model Verification Graphics will ensure I'm cutting what I intend.
Short run production I have to keep my inventory turning and have the flexibility to stay ahead of my competitors. With 12 tools, 99 tool offsets, and an operator friendly size, the TM6 will let me changeover quickly to meet unpredictable demands. Furthermore, as demands increase I can use a bar-puller with confidence by checking machine condition on the UltiMonitor, to free me up while the TM6 is doing its job.
Compact Size  My space is extremely constrained, so the small footprint of the TM6 will give me some room to grow in the future.
Looking forward to working on a Hurco in the near future!
Josh Coaplen
Fundamentally Fast, LLC
Asheville, NC 28803