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Hurco Machines Are Reliable and Easy to Program   

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This is a submission from our "Why I Love Hurco" Sweepstakes.

​I am a CNC Machinist with over 20 years of experience. In my humble opinion, the Hurco line of machines have always been one of the most reliable and easy to program CNC machines.
Ernesto Angel.jpg
Most of my experience has been with CNC machining centers and I have always loved the easy use of the conversation controls. It just makes sense and it makes my programming jobs a lot faster and safer. Having the graphics gives you a very good idea how the manufacturing process progresses. I like the option of being able to have DXF files right at the machine in case I need to do “on the fly edits” to my parts.

The ease and simplicity of the Hurco CNC control has made my machining / programming profession much easier. If I happen to be the lucky winner of this machine, it will be put in good use at my father’s shop, which specializes in the restoration of vintage motorcycles.


Ernesto Angel
Pompano Precision Products, Inc.
Engineering Manager