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Online Video Introduction

These online videos will help you learn to program the Hurco WinMax conversational control. At the end of each lesson you will be given the opportunity to apply what you have learned. Follow the link provided to download the corresponding drawing for that particular section. Getting started:

  • Download the WinMax desktop software by clicking here
  • Follow the “Getting Started with WinMax” tutorial to install your new software
  • Sit back and enjoy the lesson videos.
  • Learn at your own pace!

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  • New WinMax Videos Available under Support > FAQ

  • Conversational 3D Mold/Swept Surface

    Conversational 3D Mold/Swept Surface

    Hurco conversational 3D mold and swept surface training session. Webinar recorded in 2011.
    1:31 minutes
  • Introduction


    A brief introduction and information about this online training class.
    1:02 minutes
  • Console Orientation

    Console Orientation

    ​Button-ology and control panel layout
    10:26 minutes
  • The 7 Main Screens of WinMax

    The 7 Main Screens of WinMax

    ​An overview of the seven most commonly utilized screens within the control.
    11:03 minutes
  • Screen Familiarization

    Screen Familiarization

    ​A brief overview of the part and tool setup screens, as well as advanced tool settings and stock geometry.
    7:21 minutes
  • Data Blocks

    Data Blocks

    A brief definition of a Data Block, and an introduction to the different Data Blocks available in conversational programming.
    12:14 minutes
  • Transform Plane - an Introducton

    Transform Plane - an Introducton

    ​Video One...this video discusses the basics of multi-sided programming using a transform plane block. The other videos in this series will build on this principle.
    5:20 minutes
  • Transform Plane - programming the right side

    Transform Plane - programming the right side

    ​Video Two...programming features on the right side of the part using transform plane.
    8:42 minutes
  • Transform Plane - programming the front side

    Transform Plane - programming the front side

    ​Video Three...programming features on the front side of the part using transform plane.
    3:55 minutes
  • Transform Plane - 45 degree angles

    Transform Plane - 45 degree angles

    ​Video Four...using the end of an endmill to chamfer the edge of a part.
    6:11 minutes
  • Transform Plane - 45 degrees the other way

    Transform Plane - 45 degrees the other way

    ​Video Five...using the side of an endmill to chamfer an edge on the part.
    4:14 minutes
  • Transform Plane - compound angles

    Transform Plane - compound angles

    ​Video Six...programming compound angles and multiple data blocks.
    6:04 minutes
  • Control Features

    Advanced Stock Allowance

    ​This video will describe how to use the advanced stock allowance feature. This feature allows the operator to easily dictate the amount of remaining stock for a finishing pass, or to easily designate material that may be left as "grind-stock".
    2:36 minutes
  • Control Features

    Frame & Circle Blend Points

    ​This feature will allow the user to easily change the location where the tool blends on and off of frames and circles.
    2:22 minutes
  • Control Features

    Enhanced Frame Corner Geometry

    ​The addition of the enhanced corner geometry feature gives the programmer complete control over each corner of a frame independently - each corner can be programmed separately with a corner radius, chamfer of desired length and angle, or simple left sharp.
    1:53 minutes
  • 3D IMPORT Solid Model

    3D IMPORT Solid Model

    This is a demonstration of the solid model import, and also to be used as a live demonstration when an applications engineer isn’t available.​
    5:00 minutes
  • Lines & Arcs Contour with AutoCalculation

    Lines & Arcs Contour with AutoCalculation

    This is a control demonstration that uses a Lines & Arcs contour to highlight the WinMax AutoCalculation capabilities of the WinMax software. The contour can be programmed without using trigonometry to calculate points, and can be completed using only the information normally found on a blueprint. ​
    5:35 minutes


    This video is a demonstration of 3D DXF. It is meant to be used by anyone who wants a live demonstration of 3D DXF but isn’t able to do it themselves, and there isn’t an applications engineer available.​
    3:39 minutes
  • Introductory Control Demonstration

    Introductory Control Demonstration

    This is the same type of live customer control demonstration that I would give at a tradeshow or open house. It would be the one I showed prior to the Bicycle Chain demo because it is a simpler demonstration. ​
    16:24 minutes
  • Data Block Search

    Data Block Search

    This video shows how simple it is to use the data block search feature of the WinMax control…using the graphics screen to navigate within the conversational program.​
    1:59 minutes
  • NC Merge with Patterns

    NC Merge with Patterns

    Using NC Merge to merge G-code programs into a conversational program, as well as how easy it is to manipulate those NC programs with conversational pattern and transform plane blocks…all without editing the G-code at all.​
    9:13 minutes
  • Pattern Conversational Blocks

    Pattern Conversational Blocks

    Using conversational pattern blocks to manipulate features on the part.​
    4:44 minutes
  • Tool Change Optimization

    Tool Change Optimization

    Using the Tool Change Optimization conversational feature to prioritize or optimize tool changes in a conversational program.​
    3:12 minutes
  • 5 Sided Conversational Demonstration

    5 Sided Conversational Demonstration

    This is a simple 5-sided conversational demonstration of the WinMax software.​
    8:08 minutes