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Online Video Introduction

These online videos will help you learn to program the Hurco WinMax conversational control. At the end of each lesson you will be given the opportunity to apply what you have learned. Follow the link provided to download the corresponding drawing for that particular section. Getting started:

  • Download the WinMax desktop software by clicking here
  • Follow the “Getting Started with WinMax” tutorial to install your new software
  • Sit back and enjoy the lesson videos.
  • Learn at your own pace!

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  • New WinMax Videos Available under Support > FAQ

  • Control Features

    Advanced Stock Allowance

    ​This video will describe how to use the advanced stock allowance feature. This feature allows the operator to easily dictate the amount of remaining stock for a finishing pass, or to easily designate material that may be left as "grind-stock".
    2:36 minutes
  • Control Features

    Frame & Circle Blend Points

    ​This feature will allow the user to easily change the location where the tool blends on and off of frames and circles.
    2:22 minutes
  • Control Features

    Enhanced Frame Corner Geometry

    ​The addition of the enhanced corner geometry feature gives the programmer complete control over each corner of a frame independently - each corner can be programmed separately with a corner radius, chamfer of desired length and angle, or simple left sharp.
    1:53 minutes