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Hurco Training Room Cafe

 Training Designed for the Way You Work

When you invest in a machine that is as flexible and powerful as the Hurco, the quickest way to achieve maximum benefit from Hurco technology is to make sure you have proper training. Learn more about our training options by clicking on the boxes below. 


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Classroom Training

Following is an explanation and schedule of programming training classes available from Hurco NA for FY2017.

  •  Hurco WinMax Mill or Lathe Introductory Programming TrainingHurco WinMax Mill or Lathe Introductory Programming Training – ​These classes begin on Tuesday morning at 8:30 am ET. Mill classes conclude on Thursday. Lathe classes conclude on Wednesday for 2-axis lathe or Thursday if the students need live-tool training. Both cover Conversational Programming of the Hurco WinMax Mill or Lathe Control as well as basic operator training. Classes take place at control simulators in a classroom environment and on actual machines for hands-on experience. 
  • Hurco 5-Axis Programming Training –This 2-day course covers the Hurco WinMax 5-axis Machining Center Control. Students in this course must have either taken the Hurco WinMax Mill Introductory course or have extensive experience running a Hurco WinMax 3-axis Machine. Students that don’t have the required training or experience, or those that would like a refresher, should take the 5-day “combined” WinMax Mill Intro/5-Axis class. The introductory training takes place Monday - Wednesday with the 5-axis specific content on Thursday & Friday.
  • Hurco UltiMax Mill Introductory Programming Training – This is a 2-day class that covers Conversational Programming of the Hurco UltiMax Machining Center Control. Classes take place entirely on control simulators. These classes will be scheduled on an as-needed basis.
  • Custom Training - This training is scheduled on an as-needed basis and consists of training specific to the particular customer's needs. The length and cost of the training will be determined based on how much material the customer wants to cover. Please call to discuss your needs.
  • Onsite Training – Any of these classes can also be conducted at your facility. Please see the "At Your Facility" pricing below. 

Training Class Room 

Other than onsite training, classes will be held in the Hurco NA Training Center and/or Customer Technical Center at Hurco Indianapolis.  All classes are subject to cancellation due to lack of registration. Class schedule is also subject to change due to other scheduling issues. 

Following are the prices for training. Lunch will be provided for the students at Hurco on full training days; however, transportation, lodging and other meals will be the responsibility of the student.


Factory Training at Hurco

Onsite Training at Customer’s Facility

WinMax Mill or Lathe Introductory Programming/Operator Class

$750 / person

$6,000 (3 days)

WinMax Mill 5-Axis Class
(for experienced WinMax users only)

$500 / person

$5,000 (2 days)

WinMax Mill Intro / 5-Axis Class
(combo class for non-experienced users)

$1,250 / person

$6,500 (4 days)

UltiMax Mill

$500 / person

$5,000 (2 days)

Hurco Programming Class Schedule FY2017

(October 2016 thru October 2017)

Mill Intro



Oct 4 – 6

Oct 11 – 13

Oct 17 – 21

Nov 1 – 3

Nov 15 – 7




Dec 12 – 16

Jan 10 – 12

Jan 17 – 19


Feb 7 – 9

Feb 14 – 16

Feb 20 – 24

Mar 7 - 9



Apr 4 – 6

Apr 11 – 13

Apr 24 – 28

May 2 – 4



June 6 – 8

June 13 – 15

June 19 – 23

July 11 – 13

July 18 – 20


Aug 8 – 10

Aug 15 – 17

Aug 21 – 25

Sept 12 – 14

Sept 19 – 21


Oct 3 – 5

Oct 10 – 12

Oct 16 – 20

Note: The above dates for 5-Axis Mill are for the "combined" classes. The 5-Axis only portion is the last 2 days of each of those classes

Call 800.634.2416, Option 1 to schedule.