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Get Pricing On VM and TM Series Machines

Upgrade Options

Request more information and pricing for a Hurco CNC machine

Preventative Maintenance

What would less downtime mean to your shop? More margin, less stress, or happier customers? For just dollars a day per machine you can reduce downtime and extend the life of you Hurco equipment.



  Silver Gold Platinum

50 Point Inspection


Detailed Report


Repair Recommendations


Full Geometry Adjustment

  X X

Ballbar Test

  X X

Laser Certification


Remote Diagnostics Monitoring


Spare Parts Discount

5% 10% 15%

Service Travel Discount

- 50% No Charge

Service Labor Discount

- 5% 10%

Extended Warranty

Equipment eventually breaks, it’s a fact of life. However, you can reduce your costs and better plan for expenses with an extended warranty on parts and the Hurco control.


Package Description

Parts Warranty

Full 3-year warranty on new machines.  Standard warranties apply after which this program covers the machine for the remaining period totaling 3 years or 6,000 machine hours, whichever comes first.

Control Warranty

One year protection on control components only after a machine is out of warranty.  Does not cover drives and motors or mechanical components. Additional 50% off travel costs on service calls and 30% discount on all other parts not covered by the contract.

Machine Certification

Keeping your equipment properly aligned is key to making accurate parts for you customers. Re-certify your machines every two to three years to keep them in top shape.


Package Description

Laser & Ballbar Certification

Laser map machine linear and rotary axes.  Re-compensate the axes.  Provide a detailed printout of the machine condition.  Provide an explanation of requirements if mechanical repairs are required to bring in accuracies.  Additional 20% off parts and labor to correct mechanical or electrical inaccuracy issues.

5-Axis Centerline Cetification

Check and adjust axis centerlines for 5 axis machines to ensure consistent and accurate operation.