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Our service and applications departments have compiled a list of answers for questions customers frequently ask. To save time, you can search the FAQs to see if your question has already been answered. Articles are sorted from latest to oldest. Please use the search field below to type in your question or keyword.

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  • Solid Model and 3D DXF Import FAQ

    Tags: WinMax, Software
    1. What can I import?
      1. You can import DXF documents or solid models in STEP format.
      2. .dxf, .stp, and .step file extensions
    2. How do I Import?
      1. See our videos covering the basics of using the 3D DXF and Solid Model Import options, along with an overview of the buttons available
      2. Buttons 
      3. 3D DXF
      4. Solids
    3. My DXF imported but is very small or very large.
      1. DXF documents are unit-less so change the WinMax display units and import again.
    4. My Solid Model imported but is very small.
      1. STEP handles units differently than DXF so when you save the file please use Metric units for best results.
    5. My Solid Model fails to import correctly.
      1. If you saved an assembly try saving each component separately. For more assistance please reach out to Hurco. Click here to email our applications team
    6. Does WinMax respect drawing Layers?
      1. Yes, WinMax will import layers, including layer name and color. If the imported file has a layer with the same name as one in the current document, the layers will be merged.
    7. Does WinMax support drawing blocks?
      1. Yes, WinMax will import the blocks and then expand them into their components.
    8. Does WinMax support modifying solids?
      1. WinMax only supports translating, rotating, and scaling your solid parts, as a whole or by individual surfaces.
    9. Does WinMax support modifying drawings?
      1. Yes, WinMax supports various drawing operations such as: trim, extend, split, and so on. Please see How-To videos for details.
      2. 3D DXF
    10. Can I save my Solid after I have adjusted it?
      1. No, WinMax does not support exporting changes made to solid geometry.
    11. Can I save my Drawing after I have edited it?
      1. Yes, WinMax supports saving drawings in the DXF format.
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    Article: 107 | Last updated on: 8/29/2018  3:28 PM