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Autobend Controls 
If you are getting a "COMMUNICATION ERROR" on your Hurco AB5/AB5C Backguage Control, try the following steps to isolate the problem:
Push the run button again to see if you have the location of the communication error.(ie:right rear, left rear, or 2nd axis)
Ohm out your control cable as well as your gauge cable, also visually look at both cables if this checks OK, then proceed to the next step
Check to make sure your d.i.p switch settings are correct. If Ok, proceed to the next step
Check the servo enable signal at connector J1 pin 8 to pin 12 (12vdc when run button is pushed). If Ok proceed to the next step
Check for 15vdc at gauge drive board on connector J1 pin 9 to pin 12. If OK, continue to next step
Check for 2-47vdc on the gauge drive board at connector J3 pin 1 to pin 3. If OK proceed to the next step
Unplug your encoder connection (J4 on gauge drive board), try to run backgauge. If problem persists, please contact Hurco Technical Support for further assistance.

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