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Hurco Motion Control

UltiMotion Reduces Cycle Time + Improves Surface Finish


Surface Finish

The engineering team at Hurco refers to UltiMotion as soft motion because the software controls the motion control system versus a conventional motion control that relies on hardware. The software is more efficient in how it processes the motion so there is less chatter, less vibration, less machine jerk, which results in better surface finish.

Cycle Time

reduce-cycle-time.jpgThe secret to UltiMotion is the advanced algorithm software that takes the load off the motion control board (hardware-based motion control). The software-based motion control system of UltiMotion has rapid cornering capabilities, which means it doesn’t stop between two rapids. Instead, it travels through blended corners at high speed with negligible deviation. With UltiMotion, the software evaluates each section of the motion profile and shifts the look-ahead to the maximum number of blocks to optimize maneuvers.



Because UltiMotion uses advanced software algorithm for motion control, it is able to move faster in every way. For example, with drilling and tapping, instead of the jolting down/up/stop motion of conventional motion controls system’s that use hardware, UltiMotion keeps the motion smooth and is able to use a spherical motion to move to the next set of holes.

Extend Machine Life

While we have not conducted a longitudinal study, common sense dictates that smoother motion of the machining process puts less stress on the ball screw and other internal components. Machining with less chatter, less vibration, and less machine jerk, retains accuracy and may extend the life of the machine.

Hurco UltiMotion Customer Quotes 

Customers Talk UltiMotion

 “We are builders of custom orthotics...we focus on throughput and speed. With UltiMotion we’re seeing 30-35% faster throughput.”

 — Tom Miller, M-Tech.
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Lou Ferriero, owner of PlasTech Machining and Fabrication, says UltiMotion continues to exceed his expectations. As an example, Ferriero cites a part used for head restraints on hospital beds. “When we machined the parts on our RoboDrill, it took 30 minutes per part. On our Hurco with UltiMotion, it takes 20 minutes and the surface finish quality improved significantly.”

 — Lou Ferriero, PlasTech Machining and Fabrication
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 “We’re getting our best feeds and speeds out of the Hurcos with UltiMotion, compared to any of our other machines.”
“UltiMotion makes the big difference on our contour machining, primarily with aluminum material,” he says.
“Our contouring programs are longer and we’ve noticed anywhere from a 25 to 33 per cent reduction in machining time, and cutter life is extended.”
“We’re finding improvements in surface finish in the transitional areas. If we’re running along a relatively flat or slightly contoured surface, the finish is about the same as what we were getting before, but it’s faster. However when it goes to transition—say, into a steep up-rise in the corners—the surface finish looks a lot better. They seem to be able to smooth it out tremendously.”
“It (UltiMotion) is allowing us to use higher rates of speed on our programming, because the machines can handle it.”

 — Paul Hollister – Select Tool, Inc.
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 “With UltiMotion, along with tweaking our post to make segmented or linear moves, we are achieving extremely high feed rates up to 800 ipm. As an example, we had a cut that would have been at least 100 hours long on our old machines that we did in 30 hours and I believe that we could even cut that in half. We finish cut the cores with a .0469 end mill ground back .500 at 100 ipm. We could have easily doubled the speed and got the same results. And I don't have to polish the mold! The finish is that good!”

 — David Parmelee, Wepco Plastics
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