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PRI Show Highlights

PRI 2018

We've been helping shops race to profitability for 50 Years!

PRI 2018 is the final stop on the Hurco 50th Anniversary tour. Based right here in the racing capital of the world since the beginning of our company (1968), motorsports is a big part of Hurco's heritage. Stop by our booth to learn why Hurco is the CNC machine of choice for shops who manufacture the parts that help race teams get to the finish line faster!

Hurco is a Proud Sponsor of John Force Racing, Ed Carpenter Racing, and Innovators West. To check out highlights from past PRI Shows, scroll down to the photo gallery and highlight video.

Machines & Demos

VMX42SWi 5-Axis Machining Center We will showcase head porting and head machining with a demonstration from our customer Mast Motorsports, who is also an exhibitor at PRI.

The Hurco VMX42SWi is a sophisticated 5-axis machine that utilizes a swivel head for the B-axis with travels of +/- 90 degrees and a rotary table for the A-axis. The VMX42SWi has X/Y/Z travels of 42” x 24” x 24”, a 12,000 RPM dual-wound Yaskawa spindle motor, fast 1,378 ipm rapid traverse rates (X and Y axes), larger linear rails that are wedge locked and mounted to a machined shoulder to increase rigidity, and a 40-station swing-arm automatic tool changer (ATC). Equipped with UltiMotion and the Hurco MAX5 control, which is the most flexible control in the industry because it is equally powerful for conversational programming or Industry Standard NC.

VM10i - The VM series of 3-axis machining centers features a small footprint with a large work cube. No other mill packs as much productivity into such an efficiently designed package. The mill will be cutting a novelty wheel during the show to highlight conversational programming, 3D Mold data blocks, and NC Merge.

HTL8-60i – These box way, gap bed lathes are user friendly and make it wasy to load/unload bulky parts. The gap can be removed to accomodate even larger parts close to the headstock. The WinMax control that slides along a rail on the front of the machine allows for ease of use. The lathe will be on display cutting a long shaft that was programmed using conversational programming.

CNC Honing – Hurco customer and technology partner Bates Technologies worked together to provide customers CNC Machining/Honing technology. Machine in the morning. Hone in the afternoon!

Why Hurco?

The unique advantage of Hurco CNC machines is the flexibility of the control because it empowers the machinist to determine the most efficient way to program the part whether it be CAD/CAM and Industry Standard NC, or Conversational Programming. This type of flexibility is especially valuable for the racing industry, according to the machinist at IndyCar’s Ed Carpenter Racing, because the machinist can program the part right at the control with conversational programming and rely on the sophisticated verification graphics to prove out the part before cutting. The machinist at John Force Racing (JFR) relies on CAD/CAM for most of the parts they manufacture at Force American Made. JFR’s machinists say the Hurco control is advantageous to them due to its powerful technical specifications: 4GB RAM Memory / 128GB Solid State Hard Drive / 2.7GHz Dual Core Processor / Up to 4,000 bps processing speed.

At Hurco, we are focused on helping our customers be more productive and more profitable by delivering rigid, reliable CNC machines equipped with a control that lets them get the job done right the first time. Make more chips with Hurco!

PRI 2016 Photo Gallery