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Hurco Patents

Name Official No.
Tolerance Based Motion Control System RE39,907
Tolerance Digitizing Method 6,754,550
Method of Curvature Controlled Data Smoothing 7,693,588
Method of Performing Additive Lookahead
for Adaptive Cutting Federate Control
Method of Tolerance-Based Trajectory Planning 7,450,127
Method and System for Continuous Motion Digital Probe Routing 6,052,628
System and Method for Surface Finish Management 7,933,677
Machine Tool Control System 8,024,068
Generalized Kinematics System 8,725,283
System and Method for Tool Use Management 7,684,891
Method and Apparatus for Reducing Tool Change Operations 8,498,733
Method and Apparatus for a Numerical Control System
for Processing Multiple Job Streams
Automatic Variable Linkage Mechanism
for Integrating Third Party Software components
Method and Apparatus for Monitoring
or Controlling a Machine Tool System
Virtual Machine Manager 12/765,586
Universal Conversational Programming for Machine Tool Systems 12/765,352
Machine Tool System Control Having Automatic Safe Repositioning 8,244,386
Tool Position Referencing for CNC Machines 7,252,466
Method and System for computer Assisted Manual Machine Tool 66,019,554
Mouse-based Handwheel Control for a Machine Tool 8,041,448
Software Option Selection and Validation System 8,418,171
Multi-Zone Machine Tool System  12/765,543
Manual Tool Changing Apparatus 6,149,562
Movable Arm Activated Tool Changer for Machine Tool System 6,641,511
Movable Arm Activated Tool Changer for Machine Tool System  6,494,821
Machine Tool with Bar-Spindle and Din Standard Toolholder Changer 5,613,929
Equipment or Process  
Method for Measuring a Rotary Axis of a Machine tool System 13/425,026
Laptop-Based Machine control Simulator 8545233