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We are continually working with industry publications to develop articles about Hurco customers, Hurco products, and Hurco technology. If you are a customer who would like to be featured in an article about your business, please contact the Media Relations Manager. Additionally, all media inquiries should be directed to the Media Relations Manager.

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  • Made in Eastern Iowa: New place, more space in Walford for Kingery

    “This is called a five axis machine. The wonderful thing about this is you can put a part in a vice and work all sides by turning the part and flipping it side to side.” - Joe Blanck, KMS president

    A second machine, a CNC apparatus, cuts metal but also had a 3-D capability within printing for plastic. “All we really do is pull out the tooling that normally sits in here and plug in a 3d printing head and we can print the prototype parts in plastic,” said Blanck. “Versus the expense of cutting it out of metal, we can cheaply provide them with a plastic part and then when they’re ready for production or a prototype build, we can machine it in metal.”

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    Published by: KCRG-TV9 - Iowa

    Indianapolis-based machine tool manufacturer Hurco has teamed up with honing specialists Bates Technologies in nearby Fishers, Indiana to develop a high precision honing process that can be carried out on standard machining centres. Benefits include cost reductions compared with purchasing and operating a dedicated honing machine; and the ability to combine general machining with honing on the same platform, eliminating a separate setup.

    Published by: MTDCNC
  • RWP’s Components Spark Production

    RWP manufactures a diverse range of products, from small, intricate, threaded electrodes to large weld gun arms for some of the largest and most demanding customers in the automotive sector.

    Published by: Canadian Metalworking
  • IMTS Booth Tour 2016: Hurco North America [VIDEO]

    Jason Falk, senior applications engineer at Hurco North America talks about the company's 3D printing and CNC machining technology.

    Published by: Todays Motor Vehicles
  • Most Flexible Control in the Industry Supports High Mix Manufacturing

    When software engineers at Hurco develop features for the Hurco control powered by WinMax software, they focus on features that will make customers more profitable, according to the company

    Published by: Manufacturing News
  • Manufacturing News SE Distributors Recognized for Achievements

    Hurco Companies, Inc. held its annual awards banquet in Indianapolis to acknowledge the team of accomplished distributors and agents throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America, who represent Hurco.

    Published by: Manufacturing News SE
  • Manufacturing News MW Hurco Distributors Recognized for Achievements

    Hurco Companies, Inc. held its annual awards banquet in Indianapolis to acknowledge the team of accomplished distributors and agents throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America, who represent Hurco.

    Published by: Manufacturing News MW
  • Manufacturing News EAST Hurco Distributors Recognized for Achievements

    Hurco Companies, Inc. held its annual awards banquet in Indianapolis to acknowledge the team of accomplished distributors and agents throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America, who represent Hurco.

    Published by: Manufacturing News NE
  • Out with the old ...

    Just because a piece of equipment functions doesn’t mean a shop should keep using it. Mast Motorsports realized that a couple machine tools at its Walled Lake, Mich., facility had become technologically obsolete and, therefore, needed to be replaced. The Nacogdoches, Texas-headquartered company manufactures automotive components, such as cylinder heads, intake manifolds and induction systems, for street performance and racing. Mast primarily machines aluminum and plastic.

  • Hurco distributors recognized for achievements

    Annual awards banquet acknowledges the team of accomplished distributors and agents throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and South America, who represent Hurco.

  • IMTS 2016: Stand-Alone Additive Pavilion Shows Industry’s Growth

    Owners of Hurco vertical machining centers will have the ability to transform their WinMax part programs to a 3D printed prototype directly on their CNC machine using a spindle-powered wireless accessory. The 3D print head extrudes PLA filament and can easily be moved between Hurco machines.

  • IMTS 2016: Emerging Technologies Hold Key to Competitive Future

    Hurco will capture the spirit of Indianapolis, the headquarters location of the company since its founding in 1968, and the home to the single largest one-day sporting event, the Indianapolis 500. Visitors will be able to race RC IndyCars on a Hurco created scaled-down version of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, complete with a blimp and leaderboard. Attendees can check to see what hours open racing will take place and/or to register for a spot to race competitively. Prizes will also be announced on the website.

  • New Operators Find CNC Control Easy to Use

    Since PDQ's inception, Hurco has been a part of the company's success story. While PDQ has many different CNC machines in the shop, the PDQ team realized that Hurco CNC machines solved a problem all shops lament: the shortage of skilled labor.

    Published by: Manufacturing News
  • 30 Under 30: Austin Hall

    There is no one roadmap to becoming an entrepreneur, or in the case of Austin Hall, a co-owner of a manufacturing start-up. Austin is president and CEO of HDH Manufacturing, a job shop in Indianapolis in partnership with his brother, Gabe, and their friend, Roger Dettmering—the namesake of HDH.

  • Basic VMC Platform is a Proven Workhorse

    Hurco’s VMCs are designed to give customers the ability to eliminate process steps and increase efficiency during the 60% of non-cut time that accompanies most jobs, especially helping customers efficiently produce a high mix of parts at lower volumes profitably.

  • Hurco and John Force Racing Sign Multi-Year Deal

    CEO of John Force Racing Inc. (JFR) and 16-time NHRA Funny Car champion John Force along with Cory Miller, General Manager of Hurco North America, signed an agreement Tuesday that will benefit the two Indianapolis area based companies. JFR will add six state-of-the-art CNC machines from Hurco that will continue to enhance the development and production capabilities of JFR and its Force American Made (FAM) machining company.

    “I am excited about this agreement with Hurco because having technology like these machines will translate to wins on the racetrack and take us to the next level..." said John Force. JFR has agreed to make the FAM  machine shop available for customer tours to showcase the capabilities of the Hurco CNC machines that are equipped with the latest CNC technology. John Force and his team will also work with Hurco at industry events.
    “John Force Racing is a legendary brand in the world of NHRA and Hurco is proud to partner with them. We often say the world of racing and machining are a lot alike because the name of the game is speed, power, and precision...I know the sophisticated technology of the Hurco CNC machines will serve JFR well,” said Cory Miller, General Manager of Hurco North America.


  • Tour General Motors Powertain Performance and Racing Center (Video)

    Summary about Hurco: The video talks about the types of parts that need to go in their GM vehicles. They show off their Hurco machine while showcasing the outstanding surface finishes the machine gives to the parts. The video also mentions how the parts that the Hurco machines make are vital for racing today.

  • Mold Demo with Motion Control Technology

    Summary: The motion control technology, invented by Hurco, calculates thousands of algorithms in the background to provide faster throughput. The feature is named UltiMotion and is available on all Hurco CNC machining centers. No other brand of CNC machines has this capability because Hurco invented the technology.

    Published by: Moldmaking Technology
  • Hurco Conversational CNC Machine Helps Moldmaker Bridge the Skills Gap

    Summary: Concept Molds in Michigan says the investment in the Hurco VMX42i CNC machine has lowered their costs anywhere from $3,000 to $9,000 per mold. The main advantage of the Hurco CNC machines has been the flexibility of the control that features intuitive conversational programming, but also has industry standard NC. “These are very charismatic machines,” says Concept Mold’s General Manager. Favorite features include the high accuracy of the Hurco CNC machines, the repeatability, ease of programming with conversational, and the interrupt cycle.

    Published by: Moldmaking Technology
  • Honing and More with Hurco CNC Machines

    Summary: Hurco eliminates the need for dedicated CNC honing machines with the development of honing-friendly CNC machines introduced at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis.

  • Edgecam quote accompanies each Hurco machine tool sale

    Hurco distributor Stone Machinery now will include a price quote for a license of Vero Software’s Edgecam with each Hurco machine tool the company sells. Stone Machinery provides excellent and extensive customer training on machinery and software.

  • Aerodyne Precision Machining - 5 Axis Machining is a game

    Aerodyne Precision Machining (APM) credits Hurco and its extensive product line as being an integral part of their success. APM has been a Hurco customer for many years, but just purchased their first 5-axis CNC machine three years ago after seeing a cutting demonstration at Machinery Sales Company’s open house. With their new Hurco 5-axis machining center, APM reduced the number of operations on just one part from 8 to 2. The programmers all love the Hurco control, specifically the user friendly quality, and say the Hurco control is one of the biggest selling points of the machines.

    Published by: CNC-West Magazine
  • GM Powertrain Performance and Racing Center Opens

    Summary about Hurco: The article introduces General Motors new GM Powertrain Peformance and Racing Center in Michigan and discusses the equipment GM has in the racing center. The article mentions the presence of the new Hurco 5-axis machine and the 3D printer for constructing new or modified components.

  • New CNCs Take Cues from Intuitive Smartphone Era

    The new MAX5 CNC control was designed with the machinist in mind as it includes numerous ergonomic features that enhance usability. The newly released Hurco MAX5 control also includes new software features, such as AdaptiPath, Job List, and Stream Load that allow Hurco CNC machines to perform a variety of tasks to establish their CNC machines above their competitors.

  • New CNCs Take Cues from Intuitive Smartphone Era

    The new Hurco Max5 machine control includes an adjustable keypad, touch-screen navigation and a folding auxiliary screen.

  • Laser Scanning for Improved Prototyping

    This article discusses the engineering and production for the Jaguar Land Rover prototype facility. The article goes into detail about the necessary machines and parts that make the prototype shop so successful and prestigious. They use four Hurco CNC machining centers to manufacture both prototype tooling along with low-volume production components.

  • CAM Software Cuts Production Time, Increases Quality

    Hurco customer Performance Motion purchased a new Hurco 5-axis CNC mill and Vero software to expand their capabilities. After just two days of training, the shop was manufacturing five-axis parts.

    Published by: Modern Machine Shop
  • NYC Entrepreneur Makes Largest One-Time Purchase

    Charles Boyce, Owner of Boyce Technologies in New York, broke the Hurco USA record for the largest single purchase of Hurco CNC machines in the division's history.

    Published by: Manufacturing News
  • US machine shop breaks Hurco machine purchase record

    A US machine shop has broken the Hurco USA record for the largest single purhase of Hurco CNC machines in the company's history, recently purchasing two five axis mills and three trunnion style five axis mills, bringing the number of Hurco machines in the shop to 21. Boyce Technologies was formed by Charles Boyce in 2007.​

  • CFH Racing, Newgarden Drive Hurco Car to Victory

    Celebration CFHR win Alabama with car.jpg

    Josef Newgarden drove the Hurco car straight into the winner's circle at the Grand Prix of Alabama race. Read details and see pictures at the links provided.

  • Hurco 5-Axis Mill Saves Jaguar Sub-Contractor 2+ Hours Per Part


    Philip Whitehouse, managing director of Philip James, said: "One of the front knuckles for JLR was proving problematic to machine. 

    "While most of the milling and drilling could be carried out on one of our 3-axis Hurcos, the component then had to be transferred to a CNC jig borer for five holes to be interpolated at three different angles – and therefore in three set-ups.

    "We decided to buy a Hurco VMX42SR 5-axis machining centre to interpolate all the holes to within ± 10 microns in one automatic, 20-minute cycle, much faster than the two and a half hours it used to take on the jig borer."

    Apart from decreasing the cycle time, the new 5-axis process eliminates the need to use a tooling hole for component alignment prior to boring. One-hit machining on the Hurco also allows Philip James to swap between producing the two hands more quickly. This is important, as JLR often cannot wait for a full batch of, say, 20 left-hand and the same number of right-hand knuckles to be delivered in one consignment. - See more at:​

    Published by: Engineering Capacity
  • Indy Company, Vincennes Looking to Boost State's Manufacturing Sector

    Published by: WIBC