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We are continually working with industry publications to develop articles about Hurco customers, Hurco products, and Hurco technology. If you are a customer who would like to be featured in an article about your business, please contact the Media Relations Manager. Additionally, all media inquiries should be directed to the Media Relations Manager.

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  • Most Flexible Control in the Industry Supports High Mix Manufacturing

    When software engineers at Hurco develop features for the Hurco control powered by WinMax software, they focus on features that will make customers more profitable, according to the company

    Published by: Manufacturing News | 12/16/2016
  • IMTS 2016: Stand-Alone Additive Pavilion Shows Industry’s Growth

    Owners of Hurco vertical machining centers will have the ability to transform their WinMax part programs to a 3D printed prototype directly on their CNC machine using a spindle-powered wireless accessory. The 3D print head extrudes PLA filament and can easily be moved between Hurco machines.

    Published by: | 8/5/2016
  • Basic VMC Platform is a Proven Workhorse

    Hurco’s VMCs are designed to give customers the ability to eliminate process steps and increase efficiency during the 60% of non-cut time that accompanies most jobs, especially helping customers efficiently produce a high mix of parts at lower volumes profitably.

    Published by: | 6/20/2016
  • Mold Demo with Motion Control Technology

    Summary: The motion control technology, invented by Hurco, calculates thousands of algorithms in the background to provide faster throughput. The feature is named UltiMotion and is available on all Hurco CNC machining centers. No other brand of CNC machines has this capability because Hurco invented the technology.

    Published by: Moldmaking Technology | 5/4/2016
  • Honing and More with Hurco CNC Machines

    Summary: Hurco eliminates the need for dedicated CNC honing machines with the development of honing-friendly CNC machines introduced at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis.

    Published by: Fabricating and Metalworking | 4/16/2016
  • New CNCs Take Cues from Intuitive Smartphone Era

    The new MAX5 CNC control was designed with the machinist in mind as it includes numerous ergonomic features that enhance usability. The newly released Hurco MAX5 control also includes new software features, such as AdaptiPath, Job List, and Stream Load that allow Hurco CNC machines to perform a variety of tasks to establish their CNC machines above their competitors.

    Published by: Smart Manufacturing Magazine | 2/1/2016
  • New CNCs Take Cues from Intuitive Smartphone Era

    The new Hurco Max5 machine control includes an adjustable keypad, touch-screen navigation and a folding auxiliary screen.

    Published by: | 2/1/2016
  • Laser Scanning for Improved Prototyping

    This article discusses the engineering and production for the Jaguar Land Rover prototype facility. The article goes into detail about the necessary machines and parts that make the prototype shop so successful and prestigious. They use four Hurco CNC machining centers to manufacture both prototype tooling along with low-volume production components.

    Published by: Automotive Design & Production | 1/28/2016
  • CAM Software Cuts Production Time, Increases Quality

    Hurco customer Performance Motion purchased a new Hurco 5-axis CNC mill and Vero software to expand their capabilities. After just two days of training, the shop was manufacturing five-axis parts.

    Published by: Modern Machine Shop | 1/1/2016