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Hurco to exhibit 5-axis VMX42SRTi and 3-axis VM10i at the Elliott Matsuura Booth   

Published: 3/7/2016

The Hurco VMX42SRTi 5-axis machine with a direct-drive C-axis rotary table is valuable for many applications, but has specific benefits for the aerospace industry. The design of the VMX42SRTi features a flush rotary torque table that provides a larger work cube and manufacturing flexibility. For 5-axis parts, the embedded C-axis rotary table supports taller parts due to more than 3.5 additional inches in Z. For 3-axis work, the increased table size supports parts up to 42 x 24 inches. Basic specifications of the VMX42SRTi include X/Y/Z travels of 42/24/24 inches, a 12K spindle standard, a 40-station swing-arm ATC, X/Y/Z rapids of 1,378/1,378/1,181 inches per minute, and the integrated Hurco control that includes both conversational and NC programming modes in addition to Hurco’s exclusive NC/Conversational Merge feature.


Hurco will also exhibit the general purpose VM10i 3-axis mill with X/Y/Z travels of 26 x 16 x 20 inches, a 10K spindle standard, a 20-station swing-arm ATC, and X/Y/Z rapids of 945 inches per minute. Additionally, both Hurco machines are equipped with UltiMotion. Invented by Hurco, UltiMotion is a sophisticated motion control system that simultaneously reduces cycle time and improves surface finish quality due to the software algorithms that provide dynamic variable look-ahead up to 10,000 blocks.