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​Hurco Customers Reduce Cycle Time by 30% with UltiMotion.   

Published: 4/7/2012

INDIANAPOLIS--Hurco announced the release of UltiMotion for all of its 5-axis machining centers. The proprietary control feature was released last year for Hurco 3-axis mills and has proven even more successful than anticipated, according to the company. The primary benefits to customers include reduced cycle time and improved surface finish quality. The reduction in cycle time increases with the complexity of the part and with the addition of repetitive tasks, such as drilling and tapping.

UltiMotion’s 3D compensation of machine squareness (perpendicularity), compensation of the mechanical system dynamics, and advanced motion control improve system accuracy. Therefore, UlitMotion has rapid cornering capability that allows the spindle to travel through corners at high speed with negligible deviation without overshooting or stopping. This is especially beneficial in reducing cycle times when machining parts with many repetitive tasks, such as drilling or tapping. For rigid tapping, UltiMotion deploys a coordinated motion control mechanism that monitors the spindle angle at all times and controls the axes to follow the spindle position. It also has the flexibility to choose higher speed/rpm to retract the tap tool out of the hole.

The proprietary dynamic variable lookahead mechanism of UltiMotion is completely unlike traditional lookahead. With UltiMotion, the control software evaluates the geometry and motion profile and makes sure there is enough lookahead information to make optimized maneuvers. The patented lookahead mechanism is another reason why better surface quality can be obtained in a shorter period of time, according to the company.

Customers who use UltiMotion on their 3-axis Hurco mills have reported reduced cycle times ranging from 30 to 40 percent. Tom Miller, President and founder  of M-Tech Lab reported, “With UltiMotion we’re seeing 30-35% faster throughput…our machine runs very fast and we don’t get an jerks.”

The Tool Room Manager at Wepco Plastics says the surface finish quality is so good with UltiMotion that he doesn’t have to polish the molds. “We had a cut that would have been at least 100 hours long on our old machines and it only took us 30 hours with UltiMotion… and we don't have to polish the mold!  The finish is that good!”

For more than 40 years, Hurco has been developing technology that helps the machinist get the job done faster without sacrificing quality. While most of our control advantages reside in programming and setup reduction via conversational programming features that benefit shops with a high mix of parts, UltiMotion reduces cycle time and improves surface finish quality for both NC and conversational programs. Technology that is only available from Hurco. Now, UltiMotion is available for 5-axis machining centers in addition to 3-axis mills. For more information, go to
One Technology Way
P.O. Box 68180
Indianapolis, IN 46268


About Hurco Companies, Inc.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Hurco manufactures sophisticated, yet shop floor friendly machine tools designed for virtually any application and budget. The flagship VMX Series is a production-oriented line of mills designed for speed while the high performance TMX Series is its counterpart in the lathe category. The popular VM Series of mills and the TM Series of lathes combine small footprints with huge work cubes and best-in-class features. The U Series and SR Series feature application machines with 5-axis technology. The TMM Series includes lathes equipped with live tooling for multi-tasking. Each machining center and turning center from Hurco includes the integrated Hurco control with WinMax® which has multiple programming methods and is the most efficient way for machine shops to increase productivity.