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Hurco Machining Center Supports Efficient Manufacturing for Medical Industry   

Published: 2/17/2013

INDIANAPOLIS— The VM10UHSi machining center has several advantages for the medical industry, according to Hurco. First and foremost, the control is versatile and adapts to the way the customer wants to work, which means it is equally powerful whether you use industry standard NC or conversational programming. However, the conversational features are especially beneficial for prototyping and quick editing of part programs, according to the company. Secondly, the VM10UHSi is a 5-axis machining center with an especially efficient footprint (117.9 x 105 in) and is equipped with a high speed machining package that has a 20K spindle standard and a 30K spindle option and rapids of 945 inches/minute on X, Y, and Z axes.
Manufacturers of medical parts are especially focused on surface finish. The VM10UHSi is equipped with UltiMotion, the patented motion system invented by Hurco. Because UltiMotion uses an advanced trajectory algorithm, it is able to generate motion that is smoother and faster than any hardware-only solution on the market, according to the company. The benefits include a 30-percent reduction in cycle time and parts with higher quality surface finishes because UltiMotion provides an overall reduction in machine jerk, up to 50% during direction changes, and less overall vibration.

All Hurco mills, both 3-axis and 5-axis are equipped with UltiMotion.
VM10UHSi machining center