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Hurco Technology Facilitates Faster Drilling/Tapping   

Published: 2/17/2013

INDIANAPOLIS— UltiMotion, the patented motion system developed by Hurco, has particular benefits for drilling and tapping, according to Hurco. UltiMotion has an advanced trajectory algorithm in the software that generates faster yet smoother motion than any hardware-only solution, the company said.
"The ability of UltiMotion to take the shortest path from hole to hole yields cycle time reduction when machining parts with many repetitive tasks, such as drilling and tapping," said a Hurco spokesperson. "For rigid tapping, UltiMotion deploys a coordinated motion control mechanism that monitors the spindle angle at all times and instructs the axes to follow the spindle position. It also has the flexibility to choose higher speed/RPM to retract the tap tool out of the hole. For example, a customer can set the retract rate up to 100 times the in-feed rate.”
"Other benefits of UltiMotion include smoother surface finish and an overall reduction in machine jerk, up to 50% during direction changes. The overall smoother motion provided by UltiMotion yields less vibration and less chatter marks, which provides improved surface finish and minimizes the stress placed on the machining center's internal components."

All Hurco mills, both 3-axis and 5-axis—from the most advanced VMX42SRTi machining center to the general purpose entry-level VM10i machining center—are equipped with UltiMotion.\
Hurco General Purpose Vertical Mill