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Versatile Control Makes Shops More Profitable   

Published: 4/16/2014

When software engineers at Hurco develop features for the integrated Hurco control powered by WinMax®, they focus on features that will make customers more profitable, according to the company. Additionally, the versatility of the Hurco control is especially valuable for shops that have a high mix of parts because it is equally powerful for industry standard NC programming as it is with conversational programming. For CAD/CAM programs and industry standard NC, the control has the specifications to process large programs quickly, such as a 2-GHz Dual Core Intel Processor, a 64-GB Solid State Storage Drive, 2-GB of RAM, and 2,277 bps of processing power.

As for conversational programming, Gerald Roch, co-founder of Hurco, invented this method of user-friendly programming in 1974 and the Hurco engineering team is continually improving it by inventing new features and evolving the user interface. For example, Hurco has introduced many 5-sided conversational features that make it possible to program at the control on a 5-axis machining center without a CAM system. Transform Plane is one of the key features that eases the transition from a 3-axis machining to a 5-axis machining center to manufacture 5-sided parts because it essentially changes programming on a 5-axis machining center back to 2.5D programming that is used on a 3-axis machine. The machinist simply establishes the initial part origin and programs the first side of the part. Then, he enters the axis angle(s) to the next side, programs the features on that side of the part and tells the control the axis angle(s) to the next side. After following those steps for each side of the part, Transform Plane does the rest, calculating the tilting and rotating required.


Another control feature that has been beneficial for the versatility required in the aerospace industry is NC/Conversational Merge because it combines NC with conversational. With NC/Conversational Merge, the machinist can call up an NC program, and apply popular conversational features, such as pattern operations, scaling, tool probing, and part probing, to G-Code programs.
Hurco CNC Maching Control