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Canadian Machine Technology Show 2013   

Published: 7/17/2013

INDIANAPOLIS— Attendees at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (Sept. 30-Oct 3 in Mississauga, Ontario) will have the chance to see the entirely redesigned line of Hurco CNC machine tools at the Elliott Matsuura booth. The Hurco machines to be displayed at CMTS include the 5-axis VMX30Ui, the performance VMX42i mill, the VM10i general purpose mill, and the TM6i and TM8i slant-bed lathes. One of the most important technological features of the new “i” machines is the addition of UltiMotionTM, Hurco’s patented motion control system that simultaneously reduces cycle time and improves surface finish quality.


Known as the workhorse of the industry, the VMX42i (X/Y/Z travels of 42 x 24 x 24 inches) is designed from the ground up to withstand the high velocities and accelerations of today’s applications. It starts with a heavy, ribbed frame made of fine grain, high-grade cast iron. The 12K dual-wound spindle provides more torque and the double-nut, pre-tensioned ball screws are anchored at both ends for increased accuracy and rigidity. The linear rails on all Hurco machines are larger, and spaced for increased strength. But their quality goes far beyond mere size. We wedge lock the rails to a machined shoulder, which makes the machine more robust, instead of simply mounting the rails to a single surface.
The VMX30Ui 5-axis machining centre has X/Y/Z travels of 30 x 20 x 20.5 and a 40-tool ATC. The benefits of a 5-axis vertical machining centre go beyond simultaneous 5-axis work. More shops are realizing greater profit margins on existing parts by converting to a 5-sided machining process instead of using a conventional 3-axis VMC. In fact, the majority of 5-axis machines in North America are used for 5-sided machining to reduce setup time and eliminate the typical flipping of parts that is required on 3-axis machining centres. Not only do shops increase the profit margin per part, they increase accuracy when they switch from 3-axis to 5-sided machining on a 5-axis machining centre.
As with all Hurco machine tools, the true advantage of the VMX30Ui resides within the control technology. Not only does the integrated Hurco control support both ISO/EIA NC and Hurco conversational programming, you can program 5-sided parts at the control with conversational programming—no CAM system needed. Features, such as Universal Rotary, Transform Plane, Tool Centre Point Management, and an intuitive graphical user interface ease the transition from a 3-axis process to 5-sided.
TM6i + TM8i
The TM6i and TM8i turning centres are designed for general purpose turning applications and provide an easy transition from manual turning or milling. We use thick-walled, fine-grain cast iron for the major structural assemblies (base, head stock, and cross slide). The rigid one-piece machine base casting is designed to yield excellent static and dynamic performance in addition to superb dampening properties that inhibit thermal deformation and twisting.  The box type cross slide ensures the turret remains rigid and stable even during the most rigorous cycles. We also use extra wide linear guide ways that are strategically spaced to provide excellent support to the cross slide.
The TM6i, with X/Z travels of 17 x 14 inches, has a maximum turning diameter of 12.4 inches, maximum turning length of 13.4 inches, maximum bar capacity of 1.75 inches, and a 6k spindle. The TM8i with X/Z travels of 8 x 20 inches has a maximum turning diameter of 14 inches, maximum turning length of 19 inches, maximum bar capacity of 2 inches, and a 4.8k spindle.
As with all Hurco machine tools, the greatest benefits of the slant-bed lathes reside within the integrated Hurco control. Some of the features customers find most helpful include the Solid Model Verification Graphics, Graphical Code Search, and DXF Transfer. The Solid Model Verification Graphics display a solid rendering of the tool path, including dynamic rotation, tool cut simulation, and dynamic view manipulation. You can view the rendered part as a quarter or half cut-away without the need to redraw it, each peck level can be optionally displayed to see as much detail as you need, choose from single step view and next tool change view.