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Hurco Promotes 5-Axis Technology for Moldmakers   

Published: 7/27/2012

INDIANAPOLIS—The Hurco 5-axis VMX42SR has multiple benefits for mold shops, especially shops that manufacture deep cavity molds or tall core molds. The VMX42SR uses a rotary table and swivel head that allows the tool to tilt and rotate, which promotes the use of shorter tools instead of long, skinny tools that a typical 3-axis machine requires. When using long tools, the machinist has to decrease the feed rates to prevent tool breakage and minimize chatter. With stouter, shorter tools used on the 5-axis VMX42SR, the machinist can push faster with increased feed rates and take heavier cuts. The ability to use shorter tooling with the VMX42SR also reduces the deflection of the tool, increases surface finish quality, significantly reduces the need to polish the mold, and eliminates the need for EDM operations in many cases.

The VMX42SR’s table (C-axis) has unlimited and continuous angular movement, which is especially important when machining down a steep wall and going around the part. If the C-axis only has +360/-360 degrees of motion, the process is significantly slowed down because the table will literally need to unwind at regular intervals to machine the part. Rigid and reliable, the VMX42SR features premium components, such as oversized linear rails, high accuracy encoders, and an integral spindle, and it is powered by integrated Hurco control. The Hurco control with WinMax® has the specifications required to process large part programs, such as a 40 GB hard drive, 2 GB of RAM, a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 processor, and processing speed up to 2,918 bps. Additionally, the control has numerous features that enhance NC programs, such as Tool Path Linearization, which eliminates gouging of the workpiece and the line segments in the form of XYZBC or AC moves that a CAM system uses. With Tool Path Linearization, the mold will have a smoother surface finish and the program is optimized to promote a smaller file size.

Automatic Safe Repositioning (ASR) is another premium feature that benefits NC programs. A simple addition of one G-code tells the machine to retract along the vector and override the out of limits protocol, eliminating error messages or machine stoppages. The Hurco control is smart enough to retract, move to Z0 along the X-limit, re-orient the tool, move to retract plane, move above the plunge point, and plunge to the target along the vector.

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About Hurco Companies, Inc.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Hurco manufactures sophisticated, yet shop floor friendly machine tools designed for virtually any application and budget. The flagship VMX Series is a production-oriented line of mills designed for speed while the high performance TMX Series is its counterpart in the lathe category. The popular VM Series of mills and the TM Series of lathes combine small footprints with huge work cubes and best-in-class features. The U Series and SR Series feature application machines with 5-axis technology. The TMM Series includes lathes equipped with live tooling for multi-tasking. Each machining center and turning center from Hurco includes the integrated Hurco control with WinMax® which has multiple programming methods and is the most efficient way for machine shops to increase productivity.