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​Canadian Premiere of New Hurco Brand at WMTS    

Published: 4/18/2013

INDIANAPOLIS—The Canadian premiere of the new Hurco brand will be held at the Western Manufacturing Technology Show (Elliott Matsuura Booth 1121) June 4-6 in Edmonton, Alberta.Elliott Matsuura will exhibit the Hurco TM18Li slant-bed lathe for large parts and the VMX50i machining center at WMTS. The TM18L delivers 1,721 ft-lbs of torque from a 73-hp [54.4-kW] motor and has a 4:1 ratio gearbox. Customers in the energy and mining sectors use the TM18Li primarily to machine precise threads on drill casings and other tubes.


Hurco VMX50i 3-Axis CNC Mill

The VMX50i 50-taper mill has double-nut pre-tensioned ball screws anchored at both ends to increase accuracy and rigidity. The large linear rails are strategically spaced for increased strength, and wedge locked to a machined shoulder to reduce vibration. The VMX50i is equipped with UltiMotion, Hurco’s patented motion control system, which simultaneously reduces cycle time up to 30% and improves surface finish quality. UltiMotion uses complex software algorithms for motion planning instead of conventional hardware, which means it optimizes look-ahead, up to 10,000 blocks.


As with all Hurco machine tools, both the TM18Li and VMX50i feature the integrated Hurco control that includes standard ISO/EIA for NC programming and the best conversational programming available. While the TM18Li has the single screen Hurco control instead of the dual screen control found on the VMX50i, both types of controls include conversational programming that helps shops of all sizes increase profitability by increasing productivity and include standard ISO/EIA to support NC.
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