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These press releases are information we send to industry publications about new products and new technology.

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  • Flexible control makes shops more profitable. Hurco upgrades control’s technical specifications.

    When software engineers at Hurco develop features for the Hurco control powered by WinMax® software, they focus on features that will make customers more ...Read more  >>Tags: Product

    When software engineers at Hurco develop features for the Hurco control powered by WinMax® software, they focus on features that will make customers more profitable, according to the company. Additionally, the flexibility of the Hurco control is especially valuable for shops that have a high mix of parts because it is equally powerful for industry standard NC programming as it is for conversational programming.Hurco MAX5 Control

    In order to support large programs that are becoming increasingly common with CAD/CAM and industry standard NC, Hurco recently upgraded the already robust technical hardware specifications to 128-GB Solid State Storage Drive, 4 GB of RAM, and 3,000 bps of processing power.


    As for conversational programming, Gerald Roch, co-founder of Hurco, invented this method of user-friendly programming in 1974 and the Hurco engineering team is continually improving it by inventing new features and evolving the user interface. For example, Hurco has introduced many 5-sided conversational features that make it possible to program at the control on a 5-axis machining center without a CAM system. Transform Plane is one of the key features that eases the transition from a 3-axis machining center to a 5-axis machining center to manufacture 5-sided parts because it essentially changes programming on a 5-axis machining center back to 2.5D programming that is used on a 3-axis machine. The machinist simply establishes the initial part origin and programs the first side of the part. Then, he enters the axis angle(s) to the next side, programs the features on that side of the part and tells the control the axis angle(s) to the next side. After following those steps for each side of the part, Transform Plane does the rest, calculating the tilting and rotating required.

    “Hurco engineers have focused on the development of 5-sided programming features like Transform Plane because the fastest way for shops to instantly increase their profit margins on existing parts is to transition from 3-axis machining to a 5-sided machining process on a 5-axis VMC. It’s been a major initiative at Hurco since 2008 to make sure that the Hurco control leads the industry in making this transition to 5-sided machining as easy as possible in an effort to help customers be more profitable,” said a company spokesperson.

    Another control feature that shops of all sizes find valuable is NC/Conversational Merge because it combines NC programming with conversational programming. With NC/Conversational Merge, the machinist can call up an NC program, and apply popular conversational features, such as pattern operations, scaling, tool probing, and part probing, to G-Code programs.

    Published: 12/15/2016 |  2:16 PM
  • Hurco to Demonstrate 3D Print Head Adapter for CNC Machines at IMTS

    INDIANAPOLIS— Owners of Hurco vertical machining centers will have the ability to transform their WinMax part programs to a 3D printed rapid prototype dir...Read more  >>Tags: Event, Product

    INDIANAPOLIS— Owners of Hurco vertical machining centers will have the ability to transform their WinMax part programs to a 3D printed rapid prototype directly on their CNC machine using an optional spindle-powered wireless accessory Hurco will unveil at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). The 3D Print Head which extrudes plastic PLA filament will be exhibited at the Hurco booth and at the Additive Conference.


    “The new Hurco 3D Print Head takes commercial desktop 3D printing technology to the next level allowing users to take full advantage of the size of the machining center.  The portable accessory is powered and controlled by spindle rotation, so there are no wires to install, and it can easily be moved to other Hurco machining centers within a shop,” said Greg Volovic, President of Hurco Companies, Inc.


    “We’ve designed this product to make it easy for people who have no solid modeling experience. Hurco’s WinMax programming environment is the most versatile on the market today with our powerful conversational programming that is known for its user-friendly and intuitive user interface and the control’s support of standard M&G code programming. With this release, we’ve added support for additive manufacturing to the control,” said Volovic. 


    “The Hurco control’s WinMax software gives users powerful graphics tools to develop even the most complex 3D shapes quickly and efficiently with conversational programming. Once you program the part, simply select the WinMax 3D Print button to start the build process on the Hurco CNC machine. Alternately, you can send the model to a commercial 3D printer,” said Fred Gross, engineering manager at Hurco.


    “So many of our customers are true innovators and I know this product is going to accelerate their prototyping process. They will be able to turn their ideas into reality quickly and efficiently without ever making a chip,” said Volovic.


    Click here to download a free trial of WinMax with 3D Print


    About Hurco: Hurco's targeted markets for the company's products are primarily independent job shops and short-run manufacturing operations within large corporations in industries such as aerospace, defense, medical equipment, energy, transportation and computer equipment. Based in Indianapolis, Hurco also has manufacturing operations in Taiwan, Italy, and China, and sells its products through direct and indirect sales forces throughout North America and South America, Europe, and Asia, and has sales, application engineering support and service subsidiaries in China, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, the USA, and Taiwan.

    Published: 6/15/2016 |  1:00 PM
  • Hurco Introduces Double Column Bridge-Type Machine

    The Hurco BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machine     INDIANAPOLIS—Hurco will unveil the BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machine at IMTS 20...Read more  >>Tags: Product, Event
    BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machineThe Hurco BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machine



    INDIANAPOLIS—Hurco will unveil the BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machine at IMTS 2016. The stability of the double-column design and the overall weight of the machine (20,062 lbs.) provide exceptional accuracy and outstanding surface finish capabilities. While designed specifically for the mold market and aerospace industry, the BX40i meets the needs of any high speed machining application that requires tighter tolerances while allowing the machine to operate at optimum spindle speeds due to the machine design.


    With the double-column design, there is less tool deflection and less vibration compared to a single column CNC machine and less thermal deformation due to the fact that the heat only affects the bridge structure in a straight line instead of occurring on both the X and Y axes.  Another advantage is the fact that the spindle is closer to the mass of the machine on a double-column machine, which provides increased rigidity. Additionally, the BX40i is built with size 45 roller rails on all axes and linear scales are standard.


    The Hurco BX40i differs from other bridge type CNC machines due to the integrated Hurco control powered by WinMax® control software and the patented motion system called UltiMotion®. The flexibility of the Hurco control makes machinists more productive and job shops more profitable because it supports multiple programming methods: conversational programming that minimizes idle time that occurs when waiting for the CAD/CAM station; industry standard NC programming; and a Hurco-specific feature called NC/Conversational Merge that optimizes efficiency even further.


    UltiMotion is the sophisticated motion control software system Hurco invented that determines the optimal trajectory to run the tool and achieves programmed feed rates more consistently, reducing cycle time by as much as 30 percent or more, depending on the complexity of the part, while improving surface finish quality. With UltiMotion, cornering velocity is 2.5 times faster than conventional motion and machine jerk is reduced by at least 50 percent. Instead of fixed look-ahead, UltiMotion includes dynamic look ahead that is smart enough to adapt as required by the tool path. UltiMotion is different than the smoothing features offered by CAD/CAM software and improves upon even excellent CAM output because it provides better handling of the machine mechanics and dynamics. All Hurco CNC machining centers are equipped with UltiMotion.


    BX40i specifications:

    Table Size 41.3" x 27.6"
    Table Load 2,204 lbs
    XYZ Travels 27.6" x 40.2" x 19.7"
    XYZ Rapids 1,535 ipm (Direct Drive Ballscrews)
    Spindle Taper HSK 63A
    Spindle RPM 18,000 (motorized)
    Spindle HP 47
    Spindle Torque 88 ft-lbs @ 2,800rpm
    ATC Stations 30
    Machine Weight 20,062 lbs


    In addition to the BX40i, Hurco will exhibit its new open bed CNC mill, the HTM30i; its new 3D print head adapter that connects to Hurco CNC mills for accelerated prototyping; the new 5-axis CNC machining center VC600i; and popular models from the other product lines, including the 5-axis VMX42SWi CNC machining center; the 3-axis VMX6030i; the trunnion style 5-axis VM10Ui; the high speed 3-axis VMX24HSi CNC machine; the general performance 3-axis VM20i; the TMX10MYSi slant-bed lathe with live tooling and subspindle; and the general purpose TM6i slant-bed lathe.

    Published: 6/7/2016 |  12:01 PM
  • Hurco to exhibit 5-axis VMX42SRTi and 3-axis VM10i at the Elliott Matsuura Booth

    The Hurco VMX42SRTi 5-axis machine with a direct-drive C-axis rotary table is valuable for many applications, but has specific benefits for the aerospace ...Read more  >>Tags: Event, Product

    The Hurco VMX42SRTi 5-axis machine with a direct-drive C-axis rotary table is valuable for many applications, but has specific benefits for the aerospace industry. The design of the VMX42SRTi features a flush rotary torque table that provides a larger work cube and manufacturing flexibility. For 5-axis parts, the embedded C-axis rotary table supports taller parts due to more than 3.5 additional inches in Z. For 3-axis work, the increased table size supports parts up to 42 x 24 inches. Basic specifications of the VMX42SRTi include X/Y/Z travels of 42/24/24 inches, a 12K spindle standard, a 40-station swing-arm ATC, X/Y/Z rapids of 1,378/1,378/1,181 inches per minute, and the integrated Hurco control that includes both conversational and NC programming modes in addition to Hurco’s exclusive NC/Conversational Merge feature.


    Hurco will also exhibit the general purpose VM10i 3-axis mill with X/Y/Z travels of 26 x 16 x 20 inches, a 10K spindle standard, a 20-station swing-arm ATC, and X/Y/Z rapids of 945 inches per minute. Additionally, both Hurco machines are equipped with UltiMotion. Invented by Hurco, UltiMotion is a sophisticated motion control system that simultaneously reduces cycle time and improves surface finish quality due to the software algorithms that provide dynamic variable look-ahead up to 10,000 blocks.

    Published: 3/7/2016 |  1:00 PM
  • Hurco to Debut New CNC Honing Capability at Motorsports Show

    INDIANAPOLIS—Hurco Companies, Inc., has chosen the Performance Racing Industry trade show as the venue to unveil the company’s new CNC Honing feature. Eng...Read more  >>Tags: Product, Event

    INDIANAPOLIS—Hurco Companies, Inc., has chosen the Performance Racing Industry trade show as the venue to unveil the company’s new CNC Honing feature. Engineers from Hurco and Bates Technologies worked together to implement stroke honing and air gauging for one of Hurco’s Fortune 500 customers earlier this year and the company is now offering this capability to other customers. The ability to expand the flexibility of the CNC machine to perform honing operations eliminates the need for dedicated CNC honing machines.



    The Hurco VMX42i, considered the workhorse of the industry, will be used to demonstrate CNC honing. The VMX42i has X/Y/Z travels of 42” x 24” x 24”, a dual-wound 12,000 RPM spindle that provides more torque at a lower base speed without requiring a gearbox, a wider table that extends across the entire Y-axis and moves completely forward in the work cube for easy operator access, and a 30-station swing-arm ATC.





    Other demonstrations that are advantageous to the motorsports industry will be conducted by Hurco customers. Mast Motorsports will showcase head porting and head machining on the VMX42SWi, a 5-axis machine that utilizes a swivel head for the B-axis that has travels of +/- 90 degrees and a rotary table for the A-axis. The VMX42SWi has X/Y/Z travels of 42” x 24” x 24”, a 12,000 RPM dual-wound Yaskawa spindle motor, fast 1,378 ipm rapid traverse rates (X and Y axes), larger linear rails that are wedge locked and mounted to a machined shoulder to increase rigidity, and a 40-station swing-arm automatic tool changer (ATC). The lead engineer from Mast Motorsports will be on-hand to answer questions about the demonstration.



    Hurco and their IndyCar partner Carpenter Fisher Harman Racing (CFHR) will machine a damper part the race team manufactures at their Hurco CNC Machine Shop in Indianapolis on the TMM8i slant-bed lathe with live tooling. The lead machinist from CFHR will be on hand to answer questions about the demonstration. The TMM8i has a 2-inch bar capacity and an 8-inch chuck with a maximum turning diameter of 25 inches and maximum turning length of 79.4 inches. The fast servo turret provides fast and accurate tool indexes with the ability to use any combination of ID and OD tool holders. The C-axis programs to .001 degree and it is standard on the Hurco lathes with live tooling unlike many competitive models.


    The unique advantage of Hurco CNC machines is the flexibility of the control because it empowers the machinist to determine the most efficient way to program the part whether it be CAD/CAM and Industry Standard NC, or Conversational Programming. This type of flexibility is especially valuable for the racing industry because the machinist can program the part right at the control with conversational programming and rely on the sophisticated verification graphics to prove out the part before machining.


    Robbie Ott, lead machinist for CFHR said, "I especially like using the Hurco when building prototypes. Just recently we built prototype damper parts. And like with most prototypes, we did not succeed the first time. Hurco gave us the flexibility to make modifications quickly and easily without starting from scratch."


    Another IndyCar machinist Shane Sievers said the flexibility of the control makes the need for quick turnaround easy, “In a lot of ways, we’re like a prototype shop. I’ll get a call when the team is on the race track and they’ll say they need a part tomorrow morning. Sometimes I have a print. Sometimes I sketch it out on a piece of paper. The Hurco control makes it easy to get the part from my head to the control…the Hurcos are made to handle that kind of quick turnaround and the need for flexibility.”

    Published: 10/14/2015 |  1:00 PM
  • New York Entrepreneur Makes Largest One-Time Purchase

    ​INDIANAPOLIS—Charles Boyce, owner of Boyce Technologies in New York, broke the Hurco USA record for the largest single purchase of Hurco CNC machines in ...Read more  >>Tags: Customer, Product

    INDIANAPOLIS—Charles Boyce, owner of Boyce Technologies in New York, broke the Hurco USA record for the largest single purchase of Hurco CNC machines in the division’s history. Boyce Technologies designs and manufactures security and communications equipment for the mass transit market, including emergency response systems, intercom systems, security alarm systems, radio and wireless networks, and customer information display systems. Their newest system, called Help Point, is what subway riders in New York City use to get information and to get help when needed.

    Charles Boyce.jpg

    Founded in 2007, the company has grown from one employee, the owner Charles Boyce, to 60. Boyce Technologies received the 2015 Inc. Top 5000 Honors with a rank of #166 due to its 3-year growth rate of 2,442%. Inc. also ranked Boyce #16 of the Top New York Companies, and #3 for Top Manufacturing Companies. 


    Charles Boyce purchased his first Hurco CNC machine from Hurco distributor Brooks Associates in 2008 before he had a commercial building. “The first VMX30 was installed in the living room. We had to cut the ceiling joists away to allow the Z travel to retract fully,” said Boyce.


    With this latest order, the Hurco fleet of CNC machines at Boyce Technologies numbers 21. Boyce credits the ability to choose the best manufacturing technology as one of the key components that has made his company successful in developing technology solutions for its customers in the mass transit sector. Specifically, the Hurco control powered by WinMax® provides the versatility required to go from concept to finished part. The control also has the specifications to handle large program part files with a solid state drive that has 2GB of RAM, a 2 GHz processor, 64GB hard drive, and Hurco’s patented motion system, UltiMotion, that provides up to 10,000 blocks of lookahead.  


    In addition to the original 3-axis VMX30, seven Hurco VMX42i mills, five VMX84i mills, two high-speed mills, and a lathe with live tooling, Boyce has invested in high-end 5-axis technology from Hurco with his purchase of two VMX42SRTi swivel head 5-axis mills and three trunnion style 5-axis mills. The VMX42SRTi is equipped with a C-axis, torque, rotary table that has unlimited angular movement. The extra large table delivers exceptional manufacturing flexibility to manufacture a high mix of parts because the additional table space can be used for secondary operations or 3-axis work.


    Hurco recently released the MAX5 control console, which features numerous ergonomic design features focused on operator usability. “Our trust in Hurco has led us to purchase the largest quantity of Max 5 controllers in the world, making our new LIC (Long Island City) production center one of the most advanced production centers in America,” said Boyce.


    In addition to selecting the right CNC technology to develop technology solutions, Boyce credits his team of designers, CAD drafters, CNC programmers, machinists, welders, engineers, assemblers, field technicians, project managers, software designers, salespeople and administrative support for the company’s rapid success. “Together, they find innovative solutions to deliver emergency response systems, intercom systems, security alarm systems, radio and wireless networks, customer information display systems and integrated software that are reliable in the harsh conditions of mass transit and other such venues. They are a team that solves problems and takes pride in the work they do,” said Boyce.


    Published: 9/1/2015 |  1:32 PM
  • Hurco Launches New MAX5 Control

    ​INDIANAPOLIS—“Maximum usability is the foundation of the new control from Hurco that is referred to as Max5,” said Maggie Smith, Marketing Manager for ...Read more  >>Tags: Product, Event

    INDIANAPOLIS—“Maximum usability is the foundation of the new control from Hurco that is referred to as Max5,” said Maggie Smith, Marketing Manager for Hurco Companies, Inc. “The numerous ergonomic features are a testament to the collaborative relationship we share with our customers, who tested preliminary designs of MAX5 and gave their feedback during multiple usability tests we hosted during the development process. We incorporated more than 80 changes based on those usability tests. That’s why we feel comfortable saying the MAX5 control was designed and built for machinists: customer refined and customer approved,” said Smith.

     MAX5_Current 12-4_A.png

    Key features of the Hurco MAX5 control include a keypad that is adjustable up to 90 degrees, a 19-inch LCD screen with touch-screen navigation that includes a second folding auxiliary screen with die-cast stainless hinges, which is standard on most models in the company’s 65-model lineup.


    The verification graphics screen has been redesigned so the machinist can customize what information appears: full screen verification graphics, digital readout (DRO), or both. The new full screen DRO or Mini-DRO can be selected instead of the graphics screen to best suit the task at hand, be it programming, machining or concurrent operations (running the current job while simultaneously programming another job). Additionally, the new Quick Menu minimizes multiple button presses so the machinist can quickly access the information needed.


    The Hurco MAX5 control has three remote jog options: standard, LCD, and LCD wireless. The LCD units allow the machinist to set up tools and parts right from the remote jog unit. All jog units feature a large 70 mm hand wheel with finger cup spinner, graspable over molded body, integrated flashlight, magnetic base, and T-slot tongue.


    In addition to the ergonomic design of the control, intuitive navigation, and three remote jog unit options, Hurco has included new WinMax® software features that will make customers more productive and more profitable whether they use conversational programming on the shop floor or Industry Standard NC.


    “One of the new WinMax® software features of the MAX 5 control is AdaptiPathTM, a conversational pocketing feature used in high-end CAD/CAM packages that increases metal removal rates, supports rest machining, reduces cycle time, and extends tool life due to controlled engagement cutting. AdaptiPath creates a smooth tool path motion, controls chip load, provides constant tool engagement, and also includes rest machining. With rest machining, larger diameter tools can be used to efficiently remove material, followed by a rest machining pass that uses a smaller cutter to access the areas of the feature that the larger tool couldn’t access. The faster material removal significantly reduces cycle time, especially for pocketing applications. Our test cut results showed that AdaptiPath was 60% faster: 02:21 with AdaptiPath compared to 06:09 without it,” Smith said.


    “The Hurco MAX5 is also equipped with features that benefit NC shops, such as the new Job List feature that lets you group files together and run them sequentially without operator intervention. Job List promotes automation, lights-out machining, program stitching, file bundling, and adaptive processes,” Smith continued.

    Published: 8/3/2015 |  1:33 PM
  • Hurco Announces Take 5 for 5-Axis Initiative

    INDIANAPOLIS—In an effort to galvanize manufacturers to evaluate the merits of 5-sided machining for traditional 3-axis parts with features on all five si...Read more  >>Tags: Event, Product

    INDIANAPOLIS—In an effort to galvanize manufacturers to evaluate the merits of 5-sided machining for traditional 3-axis parts with features on all five sides, Hurco announced a major initiative called Take 5 for 5-axis. 


    “We are dedicated to helping shops increase profit margins and productivity by developing sophisticated control technology that is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use. Because we know that adopting a 5-sided process is the most efficient way to instantly increase profit margins on existing parts, we’ve dedicated substantial engineering and R&D resources to 5-axis technology during the last decade and significantly expanded our product lineup,” said Maggie Smith, Marketing Manager for Hurco Companies, Inc.


    “Purchasing a 5-axis machine is truly an investment in the future that pays dividends today,” continued Smith. “When a shop invests in a 5-axis mill and runs their existing parts on the 5-axis employing 5-sided machining, or 3+2 as it is sometimes called, they immediately reduce setup time, increase accuracy, and reduce cycle time on those parts. In the future, they can bid on the more complex 5-axis simultaneous work, or full 5-axis. Not only do they expand their capabilities and customer base, they help their employees expand their skills,” said Smith.

    The Take 5 initiative includes the redesign and relaunch of an educational website dedicated to 5-axis and 5-sided:; a 5-axis webinar hosted by Modern Machine Shop; and the introduction of five Hurco 5-axis models: the VMX30UHSi, VMX42HSRTi, VMX84SWi, VMX60SWi, and VMX60Ui.

    Hurco 5-axis high speed VMX30UHSi mill

    The VMX30UHSi is a trunnion-style 5-axis machine equipped with a high-speed 18,000 rpm integral motorized spindle. As with all U-Series Hurco 5-axis machines, the VMX30UHSi was designed with an integrated trunnion table, which provides more clearance in the Z-axis and facilitates heavier parts, instead of just mounting a table on a 3-axis machine. The second new trunnion-style 5-axis machine from Hurco is the VMX60Ui, which has a 12,000 rpm spindle and X/Y/Z travels of 60/26/26.5 inches.


    picture of 4th axis VMX42SWi mill

    The two new SWi machines added to the lineup are the VMX84SWi with X/Y/Z travels of 84/34/30 inches and the VMX42SWi with travels of 42/24/24 inches. The SWi models offer 4-axis rotary functionality utilizing the same B-axis swivel head design as the aforementioned SRTi models, but can equipped with an optional A-style rotary table that meets your needs instead of the C-axis table that is on the SRTi models.

    The VMX42HSRTi has a swivel-head design with direct drive, rotary, torque table (C-axis) and is equipped with a high-speed 18,000 rpm integral motorized spindle. The VMX42HSRTi has X/Y/Z travels of 42/24/24 and the table’s working surface is 50 x 24 inches. All of the SRTi 5-axis machines provide maximum manufacturing versatility to support a high mix of parts: complex simultaneous 5-axis parts; 5-sided parts; and because the rotary torque table is embedded, the generous working surface of the table supports secondary operations, 3-axis work, or even plate work. Additionally, the stout table supports heavier loads and the rotary torque table has unlimited angular movement instead of just 360 degrees that is often standard throughout the industry.

    To learn more, go to


    Hurco Companies, Inc.
    One Technology Way
    P.O. Box 68180
    Indianapolis, IN 46268

    Published: 5/12/2015 |  4:02 PM