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Hurco IMTS Booth Design Promotes Control Flexibility   

Published: 9/12/2012

INDIANAPOLIS--To accentuate the flexibility of the integrated control, that supports industry standard NC and conversational equally well, the Hurco IMTS Booth illustrates the advantages of NC on one side of the booth and conversational on the other side. Demonstrations on both sides of the booth  feature Hurco's patented motion control system that reduces cycle time by as much as 35% and simultaneously improves surface finish quality. Called UltiMotion, this feature works equally well with conversational part programs and NC programs. It is only available on Hurco vertical machining centers, both 3-axis and 5-axis.

Because the patented software controls the motion system instead of conventional hardware, UltiMotion  can create the optimal path to move through corners faster and more smoothly with less machine jerk. The dynamic variable look-ahead of UltiMotion is capable of up to 10,000 blocks per second. Our engineering team is giving presentations about UltiMotion throughout the show!


Paul Gray, Hurco engineer, explaining the technology and benefits of UltiMotion.