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Hurco Introduces 5-Axis Feature to Reduce Cycle Time    

Published: 4/17/2012

INDIANAPOLIS—The VMX30U 5-axis machining center is equipped with control technology for both NC and Conversational that makes programming and processing part programs for aerospace jobs painless. While Hurco focuses on technology that reduces setup and programming, the newest 5-axis feature, UltiMotionTM, simultaneously reduces cycle time and improves surface finish quality. Hurco released UltiMotion for 3-axis machining centers last year, and just finished field testing of UltiMotion on its 5-axis machines.

UltiMotion is based on Hurco’s proprietary look-ahead technology and includes rapid cornering capabilities, which allow the spindle to travel through blended corners at high speeds instead of stopping between rapids. According to the company, customers report improved surface finish quality, less machine vibration, less chatter marks, and increased accuracy while reducing cycle time by 30-35%.

The VMX30U has X/Y/Z travels of 30 x 20 x 20.5 inches, rapids that are 1,378 per minute in X and Y, and 1,181 inches per minute in Z. The Hurco 5-axis machining center yields more clearance in the Z-axis because Hurco uses an integrated trunnion table design instead of simply attaching a trunnion table to a 3-axis machine. Beyond the expert design that results in a rigid and reliable machine tool, the advanced Hurco control technology has exclusive 5-axis software features that increase efficiency, reduce setup time, and improve surface finish in addition to holding tolerances required for high-precision parts.

One VMX30U customer who manufactures aircraft circuit board housings says 5-sided machining on his VMX30U saves him approximately six hours compared to milling the aircraft part on his 3-axis machining center. In addition to eliminating repeated manual re-fixturing and reducing the number of operations from six to two, programming the part at the control with Hurco’s 5-sided conversational method takes less time than programming the part with his CAD/CAM software and frees up the CAD/CAM system for more complex programming. The other significant benefit to employing a 5-sided machining process is the elimination of cumulative errors that can occur with flipping parts.

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Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Hurco manufactures sophisticated, yet shop floor friendly machine tools designed for virtually any application and budget. The flagship VMX Series is a production-oriented line of mills designed for speed while the high performance TMX Series is its counterpart in the lathe category. The popular VM Series of mills and the TM Series of lathes combine small footprints with huge work cubes and best-in-class features. The U Series and SR Series feature application machines with 5-axis technology. The TMM Series includes lathes equipped with live tooling for multi-tasking. Each machining center and turning center from Hurco includes the integrated Hurco control with WinMax® which has multiple programming methods and is the most efficient way for machine shops to increase productivity.