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Easy Machine Selector
5 Axis Machining Centres

5-Axis Trunnion Ui Series

5-Axis Swivel Head SRi Series

3 Axis Machining Centres

Up to 660mm X Travel

Up to 760mm X Travel

Up to 1020mm X Travel

Up to 1,270mm X Travel

Up to 1,625mm X Travel

Up to 2,200mm X Travel

Up to 3,200mm X Travel

Up to 2,200mm X Travel

Lathes and Turning Centres

Up to 152mm Chuck Diameter

Up to 203mm Chuck Diameter

Up to 254mm Chuck Diameter

Up to 456mm Chuck Diameter

All Machining Centres
In a word: profitability.
So, how do we make our customers more profitable? Our CNC control!
Our integrated control powered by WinMax software is the key to making job shops more profitable because it is designed to make small batch/high mix production efficient by reducing setup time and programming time.
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Case Studies
At Hurco, we believe that our job is to make our customers more profitable by creating machine tools that help them solve problems.
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Hurco Control
At Hurco, we understand the extreme challenges you face each day—more complexity at every turn and less time to get the job done.
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While some brands simply stick a trunnion table on a 3-axis VMC and call it a 5-axis machine, the Hurco U series machines are designed to be true 5-axis machines.
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